World War Heroes 1.8.3 mod apk Free download.

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World War Heroes 1.8.3 mod apk Free download is an addictive gameplay and you all know that it’s strictly an online one. It’s a world of total war based on a multiplayer online FPS Player Vs Player Shooter, where you have to fight a gun combat with other players around the globe.

Yeah, to say, there is no less FPS of a PVP type games available in play store right now but publishers are still in search of more advance games in nature with good and realistic graphics to compare it to other console games like Call of Duty, Battlefield and what not. What gamers could expect here from World War Heroes MOD AKP?

In this gameplay gamers would have amazing breath-taking graphical visual, a high standard machine guns of any sort, Classic fierce FPS gaming mode, trucks and other intriguing military items and vehicles to use. Well it’s not a modern gameplay one, so don’t expect to see modern guns and vehicles been featured.

World War Heroes 1.8.3 mod apk for free  is developed by same developers of Modern strike online and I ought you should go check that one down the home page if you want to have another action FPS game in your mobile. The developing company is named “Game Development LTD. In the mod apk please do not expect unlimited money case, Gold or Credits.

Gamers would be disposed to having unlimited ammo and premium VIP account rewards in the  Hack apk and the links are right below. Gamers should have that it’s strictly an online game with multiplayer battle, and this means that you cannot get any story mode missions or campaigns –not at all. Also don’t think there might be an offline mode to play for. It’s strictly an online gameplay.

Download this pastime’s mod apk now for free! You can join the online tournaments to win prize and raise your clan for stronger battles ahead. There are many Battlefields to choose in World War Heroes, and as the name of the gameplay goes same to its action. It’s a baptism of fire in and within the battle line. Actually there are 5 different maps featured and you can rack you brains to find your enemy’s territory and attack at the weakest hours. Find your enemy’s weak spots and strike critically to earn more points.

In this game, there are 6 combat modes and customize and craft out your own very rules for your and your brigade.

The game starts with a kind of demo. Where you would be shown how to move and fire. There are training on pointing out flags to be able to advance into the next stage. There’s also a shooting range, where you get auto-fire once the target cross-hair is on your enemy. Reloading animation and switching weapons animation are all featured in an advance pattern this time around.

If gamers could login on a daily basis they are apt to having free gifts/ free quests. Login to get daily free intriguing items and bonuses EXP and credits time all these are important, because it’s been given for free if you could login in day-in-day out. Do not miss these ample opportunities.

Another amazing thing about World War Heroes is: there are 20+ weapons within your reach, you can customize your exclusive weapons and skins. There are grenades, rockets, fitted body armors, tommy-guns, pistols and more and more. You could change the color and get all options from barrels and stocks to scopes; all in customization mode.

The gear system can be upgraded. This is where you upgrade your player’s gear and become stronger to counter critical hits and get less bullet effect. The more critical shots you strike, the more points and hits you get –critical shots like head-shot is vital.

Gamers here, there are new elements and regular updates for you. The gameplay is a pretty sight cause of its unassailable best graphics and perfect matched sounds. Without further ado there are 6 modes in WWH. You have Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, squad mode, Bomb mode e.t.c. Remember it’s a freemium gameplay so you will have to spend money to advance in some areas as quickly as you can.




Unlimited equipment
Premium VIP account
No Reload

Game info.

Genre: Action

Offered by: Game Development LTD.

Mode: Online.

System requirements : 2.3 and above.

Category: Action

Play Link: World War Heroes.

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