Top 8 Best Android Games With trailer That has Realistic Graphics HD 2018

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1. Iron Blade- Medieval Legends APK

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  • Author: Gameloft.
  • Version: 0.3.6
  • Requires Android: 4.0 and above.
  • Download APK

One of the Top 8 best Android games with trailer that has realistic graphics HD is  Iron Blade Medieval Legends. it’s one of the best high graphical games  with breathtaking touch combat system. It’s an epic/adventurous pastime and fans of the play had once said that “it’s pretty addictive” many a people from all works of life pressed on playing this game for longer period of time.

This mobile game Iron Blade Medieval Legend APK is a strategy COC like stuff in RPG game where gamers can steal valuable resources from other players and upgrade theirs –which is called PVP –Player verses Player MODE.

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It’s one of the APK games with best HD graphics. In this pastime, you’ll have to forge your epic destiny in Iron Blade. Not many a game gives such ample opportunities to gamers, but in Iron Blade: Medieval Legends among all APK games is the most thrilling of all action RPG games.

Advance in a Medieval Europe Filled with blood and guts war; of absolute baptism of fire, discord and magic. Explore deep into a fantasy game world brought to life with console with good quality graphics and innovative combating system that always take you on aback into heart-pounding fight of legendary swords, arrows and axe e.t.c.

Other blood-thirsty beasts and dungeon strongholds to test your knack of a true knight against millions of other players as gradually build your own might kingdom and only then can you engage in exciting PVP MODES…

Image result for Iron Blade Medieval Legends

In this complete addictive mobile game iron Blade-Medieval Legends, I’ll tell you from experience; neither lineage nor fate can make a hero! Grab your legendary sword and become one yourself in real-time epic play!

The pastime, Iron Blade Medieval Legends is from Gameloft and it’s just arrived on Android but currently in the unreleased beta version so watch out!

Game Features


Where you have to explore a game world rich in setting and lore in an alternate reality fantasy Europe, pack with epic warriors of the ancient times of discord and arcane mysteries.

This pastime is a RPG adventure game that will take you through many awe-inspiring locations beyond what any other RPG games.

Fight with Demon Knights in Notre Dame, Put vampires to the sword in a Transylvanian dungeon –what a fantastic play!

Gamers must unravel a plot of intrigue and betrayal as they tend to fight through this RPG pastime’s challenging story lines

There is many a demonic army of war to be approached, and for the records no castle is safe from their discord and bloodlust. So as you become a monster hunter and fulfill the game prophecy to seal them away for the betterment of other you must keep it a habit –Raise your sword.


Game can develop fantasy fight style by linking up swipes and taps in the game to perform breath-taking monster-hunter combos with good reflexes.

Gamers must face a fearsome variety of crazy epic dungeon foes forge from beautiful art brought to life with awesome gaming graphics packed with action and combat skills.

Unleash deadly special-action Dungeon-hunter action attacks and finishing touch moves with sword.


You have variety of fantasy weapons and war armor within your grasp that you can freely collect in your RPG adventure games.

Feel free to unleash devastating spells and high-action combos on your in-gaming with foes.

Upgrade your monster gear –there’s a free customization down here -and many more features that can’t be mentioned here.


Android Game Official Trailer Of  Iron Blade Medieval Legends

2. MadOut2 BigCityOnline

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  • Author: MadOut Games
  • Version: 4.7
  • Requires Android:  4.4 and above.
  • Download APK

Madout2 BigCityOnline is such a game with a high graphics HD amongst the 8 android games with realistic Graphics HD 2018. After a huge disput of its first open world game launch, its developers put their asses together to come up with freemium model and bring brand new gameplay of MadOut2 BigCityOnline.

This time around, MadOut2 came up with a really compelling looking game for mobile devices –this pastime is among the best when mentioning mobile games in general. The game quasi-GTA 5 in style, action and graphical parts.

Image result for MadOut2 BigCityOnline

It’s clearly an open world game where you can roam the entire area without completing any missions and for the records hackers had come up with unlimited money from MadOut2 Big City Online Mod apk. Why? Because everything in the game costs in-game currency.

Android MOD APK Download Madout2 Big City Online Unlimited Money Gems 4.7

Is huge, it’s impeccable and has high definition graphics but the game requires at least 4-6 GB of Ram if you really want to play it on ultra-settings. For your information, if you open it up at ultra-settings you’re going the see all the details of each and every object that’s in the game and it looks absolutely breath-taking.

Do you think this play has the shuddering storyline and missions? No! it doesn’t all gamers can do in the game is to drive, run, walk or drive bumpy cars on bumpy roads. It’s a full open world and enough exploration for you down here.

Image result for MadOut2 BigCityOnline

Game Features:-

  • Crazy AAA graphics on mobile.
  • It’s breath-taking arcade style racing missions.
  • Different TPS MODEs and FPS MODEs.
  • Lots of Armored cars to drive within your grasp.
  • Huge city to explore.
  • Pastime has 70+ racing events to advance.
  • Gorgeous car phycis.
  • Differed Cars over 40 types.
  • Crazy Russian Cars on board!

This pastime is number one mobile game with gorgeous open world and now game is in early beta if game work slow on your device, simply write a phone type and we work on optimization –promised!

The developers of the pastime are still working on this game and with a bit of luck, they will add few more features on the game like more fierce missions and online play mode where fans/gamers of MadOut2 BigCity Online will be able to play with friends globally!

Android Game Official Trailer Of MadOut2 BigCityOnline

3. Ridge Racer Slipstream

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Ridge Racer Slipstream APK is an intriguing arcade racing franchise that brings the console experience to you Android Device. Beyond all dispute, this pastime is rated 3rd top 8 Android Games with Realistic Graphics HD 2018.

Ridge Racer Slipstream as the name goes, is a pastime where you have to past your rivals and drift around tight turns at over 150MPH –the game is gold! Well there’s a little snag here when it comings down to play this game; service for this application will be terminated as of 19th April, 2018.

Related image

While in app purchases has been disabled 2nd April, 2018.  We just wish to let you know this and also, the dates and times given above may be changed without prior notice –so be aware!


The original release of this game was actually release in 1993; Ridge Race earned the honor of being the longest running racer franchise in history –for those looking for a tempting racing game full of nice reflexes and action, this one is for you.

Image result for Ridge Racer Slipstream

Game Features:


  • 6-game opportunity.
  • Over 300 customizations to enable sculpt your dream machine properly to your own taste.
  • 12 powerful machines speed available to take you to victory.


  • Availability of battling with friends and racing rivals to climb to leadership board.
  • Goes toe-to-toe challenges in thrilling 8-player multiplayer action game.
  • Gamers have the ability to connect with Facebook to gain rewards and share tips and achievement together with milestones in Ridge Racer Community.


  • Explore beyond the limits of normal high end graphics! You have beautiful detailed locations to taste your machines: Harbor Line, Old central, Lost Ruins, Industrial Drive and many others.
  • 108 racing competitions coming across your path of 6 Grand Prix Series.
  • 10 unique venues and up-to 20 courses for head to head fast racing


For this game to be a successful play one, the system requirement are:

  • Dual core processor or even higher.
  • 1GB RAM minimum.
  • Dedicated GPU availability.
  • Ice Cream Sandwich or even higher.

Official Trailer Of Ridge Racer Slipstream

4. Anomaly 2

Image result for Anomaly 2

Anomaly 2 APK is all about tower offense vs. tower defense, it’s a sequel to the critically acclaimed Anomaly Warzone Earth –trust me this game is rated to be one of the most tower offense vs. tower defense gameplay with sick graphics –it’s among the Top 10 Android Games with Realistic Graphics HD 2018.

Good a thing Anomaly 2 has not only added new features to the single-player campaign but also put your skills to a test in an achingly amazing experience of dynamic tower defense vs. tower offense multiplayer Mode, where you can fully display your skills.

Brief Story Line: In the invasion of Earth in 2018, the planet is overrun by the alien machines and now mankind is on the verge of extinction. Coupled together in huge convoys; searching the frozen tundra for food and supplies.

Now since the war has begun, the roles have been reversed; our species seems to be the Anomaly on a machine- which is the controlled planet. Gamer’s convoy, commander, is called Yukon on the other hand.

Image result for Anomaly 2

This pastime actually took the RTS tower-offense concept from Anomaly Warzone Earth to a new level. The point is, the core elements of the original has been spiced up with crazy important new features that puts the game on another level –better than the formal.

Image result for Anomaly 2

Game features;-

  • Gamers now can engage in a fierce multiplayer experience of playing as the towers and destroy the humans or in the other way round; lead the humans to annihilate the alien towers.
  • Morph your troops into war machines.
  • Fight your way across a post-apocalyptic world in a new single-player campaign that has more intense strategic experience than the ordinary acclaimed original has.
  • Sculpt your ultimate battle squad with over million tactical combinations available to enable you build an unassailable squad –notice that your options in combating are this close to being endless.

Official Trailer

5. True Fear: Forsaken Souls I

Related image

Shocking Storyline: You’re just taking a little jaunt down a street you don’t seem to recognize that much; the fog slowing your pace to a crawl as darkness blinds you and when you pause and look up to see this scrawny house that had candles flicker in every window –like a beacon.

Image result for True Fear: Forsaken Souls I

Out of curious and anxiousness, you climbed the few steps to the front door, you realize many year have passed since it was last opened –the house has been sealed with rust and purpose. Inexplicably, as seen the candles flicker in every window; you know someone waits inside.

That one who has remained in that house since before the iron began to rust –they have been patient, waiting for over two decades, waiting, waiting for you.

Image result for True Fear: Forsaken Souls I

True Fear: Forsaken Souls is one of the best psychological thriller, blending in fun and intuitive pastime mechanics. It tests once ability to cogitate; think on their feet the solve a snag right in front of you –the hidden object, the cinematics, puzzles have been carefully developed and has been steeped in an awesome oppressive atmosphere.

Game Features:-

  • Game has a compelling storyline with action-packed gameplay side! Where you have to follow the clues, find evidence and then with all pleasure solve the mysteries to uncover more about your dear beloved sister’s past and sure yours too.
  • Has an intense adventurous side brimming with psychological suspense in a story packed with diabolical twists and turns.
  • This pastime has a unique cinematography.
  • Freedom to choose your adventure! Play with or without the hidden object scenes –all is your own choice to make!


6. Injustice 2

Image result for Injustice 2 apk

Injustice 2 is one of the massive leap forward in every way possible you could think of.  It quasi-Mortal Kombat X in action and in style. It’s a strict one-on-one brutal combating-killer pace pastime, where gamers must test push their players beyond their limit –strength and push beyond breaking point.

it’s a dynamic fighting pastime that actually allows you to duck, shoot projectiles, jump and execute epic super moves with breath-taking reflexes that has defined what injustice combat is.

Related image

Injustice 2 is an easy to play game with amazing HD graphics. It’s a card gameplay made it easier control system where you could just merely tap the screen to display attacking moves. It’s a blood and guts struggle between two sides and you will have variety of super-heroes with intriguing powers to display. Just like it was in the real movie you have: Super-Man, Bat-Man, Wonder-Woman e.t.c.

Progress your roster of iconic DC characters and make a level-up of your fighter with combined level & star rating system of collection character and amazing gear for more features when it comes down to fighting

Image result for Injustice 2 apk

This injustice is quite different from other marvel game series you might have played. Why? Because injustice has even more realistic graphics, more practical and devilishly addictive in play.

The finishing also quasi-MK X –jaw dropping killer moves. So much the better, if the file size would have been huge to download, but Warner Bros. International Enterprises just made it quite simple to downloaders all thanks to Warner Bros. International Enterprises.

Game Features

  • You can play for week-end fight to earn Bonuses and unlock packs displayed to be unlock.
  • Tournaments where all Super-Heroes are been involved within your grasp.
  • Game has awesome graphic with intriguing camera veer pattern.
  • Dynamic fighter’s controller availability.

Injustice 2 Android Game Official Trailer


7. MTB DownHill: Multiplayer

Image result for MTB DownHill: Multiplayer

MTB DownHill: Multiplayer is the best mountain bicycle game that you could ever experience right on your mobile screen


  • In this mobile game you’ll be using all of your energy to continuous pedaling in order to keeping moving further.
  • When your player gets tired, just the way it is –real live –he will drink energy.
  • If you do not control your player to follow the bicycle path, you’ll fall.
  • When you fly through the ramps you must try to fix your balance in the air and when landed.

Image result for MTB DownHill: Multiplayer

Key Features:-

  • There are more than 20 maps.
  • 4 different well designed weathers –realistic graphics.
  • You have Sunny, fog, snowy and rainy conditions.
  • Game is all about you racing your way to the top of the mountain with realistic bike physics.
  • You have different racer’s outfits and free to customize any.
  • Optimized high-resolution graphics!
  • Design your bike to your very taste with the money you earn.Image result for MTB DownHill: Multiplayer
  • This pastime is playable without WiFi.
  • Free gamplay.
  • Amazing feeling there is; of playing from the head camera and biker’s eyes.
  • Realistic forests/ mountains.
  • Race pretty well to climb leadership board.
  • Open to more than just challenging your friends and people around the globe in multiplayer mode.

MTB DownHill: Multiplayer for Android official Trailer


Assassin’s Creed Identity

Image result for Assassin's Creed Identity

Assassin’s Creed Identity is such a game with a high graphic HD, as a matter of fact this game is the first action RPG game of the acclaimed Assassin’s Creed franchise.

The game is a mixed adventurous/epic stimulation paly where you have to advance the Italian Renaissance through the eyes of your own assassin. Fight to complete tons of fierce missions and then unravel the epic mystery of the crows.

So you know the game requires an online connection to play.

Related image

Assassin’s Creed Identity’s graphics look spectacular; it’s a proper bonafide Assassin’s Creed game and for the records it’s a gorgeous graphics.

Key Features:-

Sculpt, Evolve and Free Customize of Assassin;-

  • Use loot, choose your desired outfits and weapons like epic legendary swords and the iconic hidden blade to make your player a true Assassin.
  • Make your player evolve from the novice point to master.
  • Pick up a class from: Shadow Blade, Trickster and Thief and Berserker.


  • Jump, run, climb and feel the thrill of adventure of a higher Assassin.
  • Achieve infinity of Quest; discover newer locations and hundreds of items you’ve never seen before.
  • Control system is quite easy; simple tap-to-move, gamepad and dual virtual stick controls.

Related image

  • For every place you advance in the Italian Renaissance there will be an open map for you to explore; colosseum area in Roma, santa Croce Area in Frienze and what not.
  • Game has stunning graphics through amazing custom-made HD shader, models and textures right on your screen.

Official Game Trailer  Assassin’s Creed Identity



8. CarX Drift Racing

Image result for CarX Drift Racing apk

CarX Drift Racing APK is the most wanted drift game ever! CarX Drift Racing has more than 30,000,000 people around the world that actually had this pastime downloaded on the mobile phone –out a great number!

This game if far addictive so be careful when playing it may have your attention for hours, by the ways that’s what pull up the huge number of downloads in the first place –don’t forget to have a rest while playing even at least 50 minutes!

Image result for CarX Drift Racing apk

CarX Drift Racing is a real drifting simulator carrying many a compelling features to look out for;-

  • For those of us who love drifting; this game is for you.
  • Game has a separate handbrake button display on your mobile screen for the purpose of drifting.
  • It’s paint donuts burning tires.
  • Has a real animation of such a deep smoke while gamers drift.
  • This pastime has given you a unique experience in handling of sport cars by simple and intuitive ways.

Image result for CarX Drift Racing apk

CarX Drift Racing APK with the Most Realistic Racing Graphics:-

  • Turned on crazy feeling of powerful sport wheels.
  • Ability to upload your best replays to youtube.
  • Opportunity for live cameras and replays.
  • Pip your wheels.
  • Gamers can select different setups for every car –Turbo, Racing, Drifting & Stock.
  • Customization free for your handling scheme.
  • Racing on high detailed tracks and locations.
  • Unique driving experience on different surfaces –Sand, Grass and asphalt.

Image result for CarX Drift Racing apk

CarX Drift Racing APK With Fierce Career Mode:-

  • Unlock 40+ crazy wheels and new tracks.
  • Ghost Mode play for competing with your best race. &
  • Win trophies and earn coins.

CarX Drift Racing APK Online World Time Attack Championship:-

  • There is time attack racing mode available with worldwide ranking.
  • Compete with friends; beat world records to create historyImage result for CarX Drift Racing apk

CarX Drift Racing APK With True Engine & Turbo Sounds:-

  • There is original engine sound specifically for every car.
  • Simulated turbo sound and free blow off valve!

Official Game Trailer CarX Drift Racing

In conclusion, these are the Top 8 Best Android Games With trailer That has Realistic Graphics HD 2018. Do not forget to leave a comment below. Thanks for your time.

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