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The God Father APK MOD is finally out and it officially comes to you as a brand new gameplay on mobile which is now on board in an untold tale of power, corruption, crime, murder and money. It’s actually amazing have this game on mobiles. Before you can only play it through PSP app on your mobile but now, it’s granted free APK.

Just like The God Father was in the PSP such graphics and visuals is sure to be witness here on APK. Don Vito Corleone started to storyline by summoning you to advance to the notorious criminal underworld of 1945 and actually become his devoted underboss.

Can you maintain your loyalty to The Godfather? For Once you pledge your allegiance to the Don, there is no turning of choice so please take note, it’s not personal…strictly business. Now that is where the whole gameplay comes into action and much activity.

As kind of his second in command to the Godfather, gamers here will be the one to carrying out the Corleone’s dirty deeds done and fight for the honor and respect of the most unassailable family in New York City. It’s a city of sin, where you have to live with the consequences of whatever comes around goes around.

Gamers here must build a legacy which won’t be a day’s job. It’s a step-by-step process as your income & wealth and influence accrue, so your list of dedicated enemies as well. Grow and be argus-eye over your empire don’t be surprise even a trusted ally could turn against you and stab you at the back just to bring you down and earn your position.

Gamers should NOTE when hostilities arises, you must have to use strength, intimidation, and strategies & intelligent acts to guild your assets, and also your efforts to honor. Free to recruit your capos and get them prepared for vengeance or revenge –either ways falls to eliminating your enemies.

Grow your own Empire into an unassailable & impeccable paradise for a well-respected Boss needs such a mansion. Once taken control of your domain, gamers must sculpt a lucrative & innovative ways to enhance their resources and increase their wealth for more comfortably. God Father MOD APK is a deadly mafia gameplay which means blood must be shed one way or the other.

Get yourself ready to engage in deadly warfare and epic battles with mafias. You must learn by never interrupting your enemies when they’re doing mistakes and you have to keep your eyes to the grounds, you never could tell who will use your information for their own personal interest.

The Godfather APK MOD Features:-

  • Building a lavish estate & palace that fit For a Don under direst guidance form Vito Corleone.
  • Enlisting of Capos and Soldiers for encountering spy, untrustworthy rival families, mafias and any other misunderstandings of attack.
  • Create unforgettable friendships that help in you allies’ assistant for your battles.
  • Go to epic fierce battles with rival families to seize properties and vast wealth to be accrue.
  • Use ancient weapons to complete task, and get generous rewards.
  • Free to upgrade build, equip and customize & improve your skills and weapon.
  • Make investments to accrue vast wealth.
  • Become a “made-man” amongst the Corleone.

What’s New in Godfather APK MOD, games downloads v 1.31:-

  • Family members can now donate family cornerstones and free to send troops to help in newer establishment of family buildings.
  • The family center can now provide a variety of income sources.
  • New family building system to increase the family’s sphere of influence.
  • Free combined operation attacks is now available where families can destroy each other’s Family center.



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