The Cicret Bracelet


The founders of Cicret Bracelet are extremely innovative, creating a new dimension of Technology in respective of mobiles. The Cicret Bracelet is actually a dream come through for the founders, CEO and others that burn their mid-night candles at both ends –to make it all a reality.

Cicret Bracelet is such an unassailable phone for this and future generations to get within their disposal. I must say the founder of Cicrat Bracelet has played God in respective of tech-phones –creating an effortlessly operational phone with a simple flicking of the wrist it activates.

It’s beyond the shadow of doubt that those heights by great men won and kept, weren’t achieved by sudden flight, but they while the companion slept while toiling upward in the night –nothing succeeds like success, this might be the greatest accomplishment of these wonder hard working crew to sculpt something truly conspicuous.

The founder made a comment that went wild-spread he said “if you can’t see the vision, the vision can’t see you”. I say in order to sculpt a thing like Cicret Bracelet –an extraordinary phone, you must starve your distractions, and feed your focus. In creating an irreproachable gadget and making it come into reality, couple of people need join hands and ideas to sculpt it all. We have team:

  1. Pascal Pommier is the CEO/founder –his specializes in Technology & software.
  2. Guillaume Pommier which is a founder of Cicret Bracelet – area of experise is Concept, Marketing & Finance/Press relations.
  3. Fabien Noblet is also a foundr of Cicret Bracelet –Technoloty & Hardware.
  4. Nicolas Cruchon is a founder –Creative Marketing & Socail Media.

We must also recognize the rest of the executive teams that made this gadget a success –the two ex-Apple employees in the executive team. Big shout out to their skills and expertise, they really did an amazing job and they were very helpful in terms of getting best components like the pico projector and for the most part resolving all industrial issues –thanks to Joe O’sullivan & Patricia Grace.

Joe O’sullivan area of expertise is in line to Managing Partner & Business Development -30+ of global operations, Mfg. and had lot of procurement experience. Massively built and led product introduction and did lots of supply chain teams in Europe, Asia & USA. He also worked for MVIS –one of the most pico projector industries.

Patricia Grace did lots in areas of Supply Chain & Operations –over 20 years + of leadership and programming management experience. Patricia Grace worked in Dell, TCS, InFocus and Apple at the leadership level.


How Cicret Bracelet works 

With a simple flicking of your wrist it initiates the display on your arm. Cicret Bracelet uses a tiny pico projector and eight miniature proximity sensors which enables it to replicate any image of the device screen right on your arm. While touching your with your finger it will interrupt one of the sensors and it will just return the instruction back to the Cicret bracelet.

This gadget has a low energy Bluetooth while communicating with your mobile device, but a Wi-Fi component connects you direct to the network without interruption –it will have a kind of vibrational function. It has a micro USB charging port as well. Cicret bracelet is a water resistant gadget and it’s durable.

Cicret Bracelet is been operated by means of simple flick, swipe, pince and zoom functionality. Incoming calls could be answered by flicking of your wrist –it is almost incredible. This gadget works with ipone and Android, it has a phone screen mirroring & removable battery –it is often cool that it works on every skin colour. Read your mails, answer/make calls, check the weather, GPRS your ways, play games… Enjoy your operations right on your arm.

Watch video below:


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