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Snipers vs Thieves is a symmetrical multiplayer heist game authored by Playstack. There are many a multiplayer PVP game available but we’re looking for something truly compelling, unique in action and pretty addictive gameplay like “Snipers vs Thieves APK MOD” and this is one of the best multiplayer PVP Heist game.

The way it’s been sculpted; one player is a sniper while you have four other players as thieves and all that is required of you been a sniper is to stop the thieves from disappearing in a puff of smoke with their loots by gunning them down.

The line of action is a free one, where you can choose between been a sniper –getting to stop the thieves from stealing money or rather could choose been the thief –looting some cash from the bank. Gamers could do both in this mobile online Multiplayer game.

I really love playing the part of a thief here –sorry but for me, that part is really addictive. But I also love been a sniper in this gameplay where. You have to protect your stash as a Sniper or Loot your rivals as a gang of filthy Thieves.

Free to play as a Sniper by save-guiding your vault in real-time from rival bankers by taking them down before they get to the awaiting van ready to get them on the runway or can LOOT as a gang of thieves – now this is my favorite, where you have to team up with other notorious thieves across the globe or buddy up with friend and take on rival gangs –how compelling!

Clan with your friends is also featured here but what rather begs the question is ‘how much loot can you take in a weekend?’ I suppose you co-ordinate your clan to maximize your returns. For easy operation create and upgrade a deck of epic weapons ranging from freeze-bullets, big-head ammo to the ever reliable invisibility cloak.

Gamers have hundreds of weapons & gadgets available in the black market every single day and for the records keep your eyes down for have rare items for easy and critical-elimination.

Could play in seasons to earn unique rewards as you climb up the ranks but the funny part is you are free to changing masks to any of these: Frankenstein-mask, Gorilla-king mask, U.S presidents past or present are all within your grasp.


  • Collection of over 100+ masks.
  • Seasons and Events filled with new and unique rewards and stars.
  • Play your way through the leaderboards that is pretty competitive.
  • Disguise yourself as a car or tree to slip away with all the loot –when playing as a thief.
  • Blow your rivals with explosive ammo or ice with freeze bullets.

For those whom want to play as a thief you with be playing with other 3 players with you making it 4 thieves. There are kept objects along the play for you to hide form the sniper objects like: boxes, barrels, trees, and cars – be a skillful thief J. For the MOD APK HACK gamers will have One HIT KILL, Infinite Ammo/Quik Reload.

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What’s New in Snipers vs Thieves game download MOD APK:-

  • Stuck at loading screen bug fixed.
  • For technical support @

Genre: Adventure.

Mode: Online.

System requirements : 4.1 and above.

Current Version: 1.0.11499

Category: Action.

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