PUBG MOBILE LITE v0.9.0 b9005 For Android

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS  is an intriguing game that has gone mobile! Be that as it may, the original Battle Royale game Pubg Mobile Lite 0.9.0 b9005 is now on board for game lover to kill time right on their device! It has turn lots of people into die-hard-fans across the globe. It’s devilishly addictive in the making! So watch out!

Pubg Mobile Lite New Update:-

Arcade Mode: War
– Kill enemies to earn points and respawn after being eliminated. When the timer reaches 0, the team with the higher score wins.
Royale Pass
Earn points while playing and get rewards! Purchase the Elite Royale Pass with UC to earn points faster and get additional rewards.
– Added Halloween events.
New Crate
– Added PUBG Crate. Spend BP to get a new look!

Description of Pubg Mobile Lite


PUBG mobile lite is officially licensed games by Tencent Game. But there are two different games from two different developers. One came from Timi Studio (Mobile Timi) and the other came from Light Speed and Quantum Studio ( Light Speed Quantum).

I know these games are from different developers but, both games from Light Speed Quantum English and Timi Studio English have same features and gameplay. To be frank, there are slight differences like optimization and features.

Some gamers call it jedi survival of the attack APK English or PUBG Mobile English APK. Well whatsoever the real tittle is I really don’t know since they are in Chinese.

it’s now finally available worldwide and its spreading like a virus, has turn lots of people into die-hard-fans across the globe–it’s devilishly addictive in the making! So watch out!

NOTE: Miramar Desert Map is now available on and Savage Map update will arrive soon as possible. We’ll do our utmost to get this game’s latest versions to you as soon as possible.

Pubg Mobile Lite

PUBG mobile lite Game Features:-

  1. IMPECCABLE HIGH-QUALITY GRAPHICS AND HD AUDIO: Immerse of action within your grasp! There are 100 players parachute onto a remote 8×8 km onto the island. Also players have to locate and scavenge vehicles, supplies, and their own weapons and also eliminate every other player in a tactically intense battleground that forces players into a fierce atmosphere. Are you ready to land, loot and do what survivors do to survive in a deadly environment –be the last man standing –fight till death.
  2. HIGH-QUALITY GRAPHICS AND HD AUDIO: The essence of the Unreal Engine 4 is that, it creates a jaw-dropping visual experience with good reflexes, realistic gameplay effects in rich details and a massive HD map for Battle Royale. I’ve been there before and this; you’ll instantly feel you’re in the thick of the action as you play. This is immersive 3D sound effects together with 7.1 channels sound.
  3. STYLISH TRAVELS: You have a variety of vehicles like: truck, motorcycles, boats and cars to hunt and take down your opponents, race them to the fierce zone or make a swift escape with these vehicles.
  4. ASSAULTED WEAPONS: This pastime have a constantly growing lethal arsenal of melee weapons, firearms and some throwables with big-time ballistics and traveling trajectories to use. 
  5. TEAM UP WITH FRIENDS: In order to survive on the other hand, you have to play along with your friends. You can invite teams and set allies. You can co-ordinate your battle plan through voice chat and set up an unassailable ambush to take down enemies.
  6. FAIR GAMING ENVIRONMENT: There is no such thing a cheat! The gameplay have powerful anti-cheat mechanisms that ensure a fun and fair gameplay for all available players.

The simple truth is, if you had once played most of the battle royale games on PC or Mobile then you’ll have no problems playing it on English Version Time & Light Speed –you have the entire ideas about how it works.

What you really don’t know about the gameplay is that, this battle Royale foreboding gameplay concept results in an exhilarating multiplayer shooter with several randomized variables that actually challenges you to adapt not just one match –it keeps you coming back for more –it will knock your socks off!

Pubg Mobile Lite info

Offered by: Tencent Games

Mode: Online.

System requirements : 5.0 and above.

Current Version: Pubg Mobile Lite 0.9.0 b9005

Category: RPG

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