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My Cafe: Recipes & Stories APK MOD is an addictive restaurant world cooking Gameplay where Gamers are pushed to set-off a beautiful sport money making cafe and serve guests with classic wines and delicious drinks and baked goods all in Ann open classy sophisticated cafe.

Be courteous to be able to attract customers and friends to your business and this gameplay is the restaurant story of a lifetime one inside a simple game. The game is as realistic as it can, live features where actually featured in this game and as it was in your day-to-day management of your small business it’s apt to be same experience in this game.

Free to treat and dress to kill for more attention; gossip with café guests and make newer friends in the STORY MODE. Must say The My café: Recipes & Stories APK MOD will be of a lot more pleasurable to girls where they could become a world chef rather than a common house-wife, build your own bakery, cafe or even restaurant with the best of delicious meal and drinks in the STORY GAME and you’re free to choose your story and get-go.

In terms of the price, price changes colors if you increase them from green to red like. If prices are in green it means customers will love it and more likely to come again and when it turns red it then means customers will shout about the prices and you will see only few customers.

I’ve never posted any game of this nature in androidremax.com and this is my first when my kid sis actually to me about it and how addictive it was I was compelled to give my audience one. The first episode of your cafe adventure get-goes when you set off to a quiet town an open your own classy cafe with a friend of yours named Ann. 

In Ann’s shop, you will be there serving coffee, cook bakery goods and more. Gamers will for sure immerse themselves in an amazing restaurant simulator with exciting tales and stories. Purchases are made in certain MODEs for some in-game items and can be purchase for real money, but if you wish to disable this feature you can turn off in-app purchases through your device’s settings.

My Cafe’s: Recipes & Stories gameplay features:-

  • Free to customize a diner, restaurant or even a bakery. Gamers could equally hire staff, buy comfortable furniture, set high/low prices that are going to affect your income and improve the kitchen.
  • Free Decoration for your cafe shop with tons of glamorous decorative items to attract more and more customer and more to be the most pleasant conspicuous on the street.
  • Discover/ learn bake and cooking recipes, including special required meals & drinks like: Mojito Cupcake, Sweet Tales Latte and what not.
  • Form your own business strategy and management and pass through big risks to climb the top and over shadow other expensive cafe around yours.
  • Keep customers addicted by Gossip with regulars and actually choosing your own responses that will influence the direction of the story and you’re free to mingle/make new friend in your neighborhood.

New unlocks for newer recipes and more intriguing features and things to do even you level up. MOD APK for unlimited Money will grant you an instant boost in unlocking new items, recipes that were locked and upgrade further. Unlimited Money (free store) everything on this becomes free.   

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What’s New:-

  • Newer Events: meet new character, Diego the traveler and there are two weeks of adventures from level 9+ early completing of any quests gets a prize.
  • Charming Lawyer Olivia arrives at level 24.
  • Cafe available in Korean.
  • Easier means to get into the Milk and Lemon Leagues.

Game info.

Genre: Adventure.

Offered by: Melsoft Games

Mode: Online.

System requirements :4.0 and above.

Current Version: 2017.8

Category: Adventure.

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