Lineage2 Revolution MOD APK Android Games Downloads English Version 0.16.05

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Lineage2 Revolution MOD APK is an addictive open world RPG game developed by NETMARBLE GAMES. The game carries lots of intriguing features and that just made the whole thing pretty mesmerizing. You have a real visual world right at your fingertips and it’s for sure the largest persistent open world gameplay on Mobile.

Gamers got play in synchronous real-time with other notorious players across the globe, and you have to experience the fierce realm of Lineage 2 Revolution right there with others worldwide. The groundbreaking lineage series is more advanced than ever! Here the Lineage’s high quality graphics is extremely breath-taking.

Favorite Landmarks are also optimized for you mobile and it quasi-live in action and style; fill your eyes with amazing detail big shout-out to Unreal 4 Engine. In this gameplay you have Clans and fierce Competition coming your way an unmatched game community.

The PVP Clan Battles said it all as you take up arms with the best fighter around the globe in a massive fight. Sculpt and use deadly finisher combos and special critical hit-skills to master epic Castle Raids and reap benefits together.

The gameplay is in depth detail world. Lineage 2 packs offering awesome graphics and good reflexes in a classy pattern. I must say, it’s much same to that on PC, and if you have played the Lineage title on your PC before then I must admit beyond all dispute, you’re going to love it on the android version. Good a thing the game is now available in English Language.

And also as MOD APK Lineage 2 Revolution and in the MOD Hack you will be having Increased Movement speed and others will be mention as you read through the post. There is going to be a choice over your favorite and you’ll have to choose form 3 different classes & 4 different races and each differs from the each other.

4 diverse playable races are Humans, Dwarfs, Elf and Dark Elf and for the 3 different classes, you should be having Warrior, Mage and Rogue. L2R is full with blood and guts, activity themed MMO, and death wish against dream animals and dangerous blood-thirsty beasts. Speaking of the MOD in Lineage 2 Revolution games downloads you have:-

  • Fast Walking Speed &
  • Unlimited Money MOD is not out yet so it’s not seen.

Gamers will experience/come across Fortress Siege/increased Maximum level where they can use their clan’s strategy and magic powers and other means. For the records maximum level CAP increased to 180. The more the critical hits the more combos upgrade the more level up you get. Experience the new Giran Territory on board!

You have new Pets and very Hard Dungeons update at Clan Hall Contents. It’s a wide and engaging rich world with diverse content only seen @ Lineage 2 Revolution.

What’s New @ L2R APK MOD:-

  • New mount pet in addition.
  • Additional Title system.
  • Max Level Cap Increase to 180.
  • Added Dungeon Difficulties to a critical one.
  • Added Workshop system.
  • Giran Added.

                             Download MOD

What’s In the MOD APK of L2R:-

Note that the game MOD requires Rooted Phones for Fast Walking speed and Use of Game Guardian or Game Killer.


Game info.

Genre: Action.

Mode: Online.

System requirements : 4.4 and above.

Current Version: 0.16.05

Category: RPG


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