Legendary: Game of Heroes v1.7.8 APK MOD.

Written by Remax Ngere
Feel The Immerse of Legendary: Game of Heroes v1.7.8 best RPG game published by N3TWork Inc. Created a whole new dimension of adventures before the after live; advance in Korelis-world –go dangerous quest, battles, strategies and feel the fierce battle field as you fight dragons & other voracious beast.

Game put difficulties in your paths. Learn To be more rational and strategic –when it comes to conflict and channeling your powers & skills. Players in this game who manage difficult situations and ambush through deft and intelligent maneuver –skills & powers apply judiciously, are said to be the ‘Super Warrior’ that has something to write home about.

Legendary: Game of Heroes disposed you to planning ahead toward your long-term goal; decide fights to slightly avoid when it’s not yet time and which are inevitable –to fight now. Game is not merely to play and derive pleasure for playing it, game educates you on practical knowledge to dealing with conflict and the daily battles you face.

In Legendary: Game of Heroes APK MOD you will have a variety of epic Heroes featured in each stage; where war is not some kind of separate realm divorced from the rest of the real world that is full of jolly.

The game is absolutely brutal in strategy. This game is where you’ll have to win wars with few lives lost and resources squandered in order to thrive up to the next epic mission. These constitute the art of war itself, that the only way to win a battle in this game is never without bloodshed.  You need to maneuver the enemies into precarious killer positions.

This gameplay is full of the best and the worst of war nature, for the most part, the evolution toward fights where almost anything goes. A man’s violent in this gameplay is extremely a powerful tool in overcome for good.

You need a total anger transgression when critically hit by your enemies; you must be vigilant and must know how to defend yourself against such critical hits that might course your life. Gamers should be crafty and strong in the face of setbacks in Legendary: Game of Heroes APK MOD.

War in Legendary: Game of Heroes APK MOD demands the utmost of realism, where seeing things as they are and probably accepting what had happen. The more you eliminate and strike terror, the closer you get to succeeding. Look at everything of a power that you have gotten, and use it for strategic maneuver and fierce attacks, to attempt to gain victory.

This gameplay featured different pack of powers and bonuses to help get some weapons and upgrades; others can be seen in unexpected surprise box opener.  You must armed up with all you have gotten with the art of war, there is no power that can take that away from a strong warrior like the chosen character of this gameplay.

To be unconquerable lies within you –the weapons, skills applied and definitely your strategic moves and techniques. If only the gamers of this game should fully understand this logic to themselves, then so much the better. You must be able to kill and fight for it, to aim at results of progressiveness.

Game Features:-

PvP game mode.
Use of unique powers & skills.
Compelling graphic ( quasi-PS2 in style).
Pack price & new Heroes.
Customize teams & alliance.
Guilded event (valuable gifts).
More characters within your grasp.
Advance in Epic battles.

What’s New?

Bug fixes & othe optimizations.

Legendary: Game of Heroes Details:-

Current version: 1.7.8

Publication Date: 16th February, 2017.

Language: English.

Publisher:N3T Work Inc.

File size: APK (60.2MB)

Category: Adventure.

 Download APK(60.2MB)


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