Last Shelter Survival apk For Android

Last Shelter Survival  is a Zombies apocalypse adrenaline shooter game; where the Zombie virus had spread everywhere. You’re the Commander and lots of zombies are heading towards you. Human’s Last Shelter is now asking of you to rescue –you got the nerves?

You can’t afford to be a part of the walking dead so, it’s a kill or be killed thing. Humans are no longer save there are high chances of turning into walking dead. You need supplies to survive in the zombie world.

Things get a lot worse at night; the walkers find it conducive. As a commander you’re the right one to shelter your people. Survival of the fittest that’s all there’s to it; resist zombies and sure patch humanity’s home.

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Last Shelter: Survival Features:-

 Last Shelter: Survival is Massive Multi-player, Real-Time strategy zombie war game. Build your desired wasteland empire, recruit legendary heroes, train troops and join your allies in this baptism of fire non-stopping war game. Your choice to befriend or to plunder –choose wisely. 

[Realistic Graphics]

  • The game have a breath-taking real-time graphics where the Heroes, the Units, the vast Maps, the world your city and what not just seems so real right on your screen.


[Across World War]
  • Have a Real-time brutal combat against other player across the globe and lead your country to victory.


[Hero System]

There’s many a Hero that can assist you with different forms of attacks:-

  • Engage your enemies from distance.
  • Take enemies on at close quarters.
  • Or even develop your base at home.

[Create Wastenland Empire]
  • Sculpt your Wasteland Empire.
  • Upgrade your facilities.
  • Research for technologies available.
  • Train troops and recruit unassailable heroes to guide your empire.
[Strategic Gameplay]
  • Know your enemies & walk to the battlefield.
  • Dominate, fight, shooter and drive –all in aid of survival.

[Search For Followers]
  • Rescue other survivor around the globe in the vast map.
  • Get followers and get helping hands in battle.
  • Feel free to create alliance & Rally forces to stop zombies together.
  • Lead & guide your Allies from being plundered
[Economic Trade]
  • Supplies are all you need. Passing by Helicopter gets you supplies for free.
  • Strategies to restore supplies in order to receive resources in sculpting and developing your city.


“APK” install it on your device.

Enter the game.

Last Shelter Survival Info:-

Genre: Action.

Mode: Online.

System requirements : 4.0 and above.

Current Version:  1.250.086


Download APK


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