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According to the news report of GTA VI –Grand Theft Auto 6 –it may take place in two different locations entirely; which is the Vice City and South America –the game is being referred to at Rockstar as Project Americas. Get ready! Because this game will achingly drive you to some point of addiction.

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Well as known, the former is Rockstar and it took place on Miami, now players will advance to South America, a sin country, full of thugs, crimes and bloods and guts for new fierce missions –set to put them a totally different environment to test their means of survival.

One of the most sophisticated addition to Grand Theft Auto 6 is, for the first time, featured a female protagonist as one of it leads. Well but it hasn’t be confirmed yet if players of the game could be able to control multiple characters like you could when it comes down to playing GTA V.

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I’m a big fan of video games and one of the most elegant open world game I really love playing is GTA. Now getting this news report that “Don’t expect to play GTA 6 anytime soon” really breaks my heart, in fact it took ten years off my life –knowing that the game is slated to be available around the year 2022.

Vouching on that, it could possibly be the end of the PS4 and Xbox One with GTA 6 actually being their collective swan song and for the most part, it’s being re-released for the next wave of consoles direct form Sony, Microsoft as well as the PC.

There has been a suggested life after Red Dead Redemption 2, despite GTA online being Rockstar’s number on cash cow at the moment. Take-Two has previously announced that GTA V sells 90 million units, 15 million in 2017 alone. What a great turn-out!


>One in three PS4 and Xbox One owners bought GTA V

>The game has sold 15 million units in 2017

>More updates to GTA Online are expected

GTA V then sold over 90 million units worldwide with its multiplayer component, GTA online is now the largest and most wanted driver of consumer expenditure in the last quarter. Like the highlight said “More updates to GTA Online are expected” There are going to be more content updates in the months to come

. The game was a bit shabby; originally released in 2013. Star wars Battlefront 2 actually sold 7 million units and that was below the publishing company “EA’s expectations”

Off the top of my head, accounting for the PS3, 360 and Personal Computer versions, we can say that more than one in three PS4 and Xbox one owners have a copy of Grand Theft Auto 5. The gameplay has tons of fans and it’s turned out to be a must buy game with a current gen console purchase, tweeted industry analyst Daniel Ahmed.

Executive Strauss Zelnick of Take-Two once said on an earnings call that “We’re expecting another record year for Grand Theft Auto online and also, everything is going better than expected and we do have awesome expectations.”

The company once announced a net income of $25.1 million (around Rs. 160crore); 21 cents per share, in third quarter ended 31st Dec, which was compared with a loss of $29.8 million (roughly Rs. 190 crore); 33 cents per share, year earlier.

Take-Two said she had a net benefit of $11.9 million approximately Rs. 77 crore) in the latest quarter which was from the overhaul of the US tax code. With rumor of GTA V for the Nintendo Switch  to be in the works this could be a way for Take-Two and Rockstar to prop up profits until 64GB game cartridges are available for the Switch –that is the future!

Expected Gameplay

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An you advance into the World of South America which is a no man’s land, despite the appearances of some many people featured in this gameplay, a lot of disorder and irrationality still lurks beneath the surface of society and individuals. It’s a country full of bluff and smoke where anything goes around.

That is why people are so desperately strain to maintain order by dressing really nice and walking as gentle as it seems. In this gameplay never judge by appearance, but what is skin-deep is what counts. People can’t be predicted in GTA VI, test and see the react of a well smart man dressed on suit, he might bring a gun and aim at you to kill.

It’s a Gangstar, thug and criminal organization  gameplay and it has been made strictly. The pastime is now packed with solid fierce actions and heart pumping storyline that make most gamers of this gameplay shudder. It’s quite unfortunate that this gameplay wasn’t made for petty actions from the weak rather it is the survivor of the fittest only the strongest survive.

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As you guess it down the download click get ready to roll up on a fierce fun, wildly expansive and overwhelming rich trip to the City of Sin where everything goes round. Gamers would surely enjoy everything the Sin City has to offer unexpectedly to them. Brainwash yourself with total rugged acts.

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Rugged life is the key, totally living as a gangster and blending with the situation of blood and guts at the moment is all that ever matters as theft. There are so many features to be talked about; gamers can perform amazing grand-stand stunts with a ragdoll effects.

GTA 6 wishlist – Things we’d love to see

(1)  A sfemale protagonist, (2)  Awesome new locations  (3)  Improved vehicle & luxuries  (4) Better shops, more elegant houses, and a diverse city
(5) First-person option  (6) Console and PC launch  (7) and a VR Support.

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