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he newest adrenaline fueled baptism of fire is out now! Garena Free Fire is a fun game with stunning tactical gameplay experiences. It is simply a lite version of PUBG Mobile in the making. The game quasi-battle royale in style where you can also enjoy sky-diving, last man standing war & good will hunting.

Garena Free Fire Descriptions:-

Just as PUBG, every 10-minute the game drops you on a remote island where you are pit against 50 other players altogether from a plane to find hidden loot and battle to death! You really don’t need any instructions for Garena Free Fire if you’ve played PUBG Mobile.

It’s an awesome survival shooter game now available on mobile. Gamers can freely choose their starting point anywhere with their parachute, also aim to stay in the safe zone –it’s survival of the fittest. You have the ability to drive vehicles as well. Explore the vast map, become invisible by proning under grass hide in trenches, ambush, Snipe, survive –that’s the only goal in Garena Free Fire.


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The game gives you the opportunity to play solo duo or as a squad. If you’re playing the last team standing or can I say duo wins in both modes; you can select your desire team manually or you can let a random pick of players for your group.The game’s a breath-taking graphics. Garena Free Fire is such a battle royale game! Try it out.

This is how it truly works when it comes down to “last man stand” there’s no necessity to faff around or stay hidden at one particular spot. Warnings are often given before the map starts shrinking every minute. If you’re outside the circle, your health will start declining until you die but you can save your ass by getting inside the circle.

Garena Free Fire has exactly the same features as any battle royale game.

Another sick feature is Auto sprinting with simple touchscreen playability. Speaking of the control system, players make use of joystick on the screen left side for moving of their character and on the right side of the screen displays the control for aim, jump, shoot, go prone, and reload.

For starters you can sign in either guest username or facebook ID, but the problem with guest ID if the game is eventually deleted or even reinstall, you’ll lose all your progression.Best register with Facebook ID.  You can sculpt your character which involves gender, color, skin & hair.

    Garena Free Fire

WHAT’S NEW IN Garena Free Fire?

New Content
1. New vehicle – Monster truck! This demon of a vehicle appears exclusively as an airdrop.
2. New item – Gloo wall. Instantly build a wall as a temporary cover.
3. New character – Paloma
4. Send gifts to your friends and guildmates
5. New melee weapon – BatFixes and Improvements
1. Auto-pickup for certain items has been implemented and can be switched on and off.
2. Modified safezone mechanism so the longer you stay outside the safezone, the more damage you take.

Extra info:-

Requires Android: 4.0 and above

Version: 1.22.1


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