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Dragon Nest 2 Legend 0.3.15 is the latest version on board and the gameplay have all required features that will blow the gamer’s socks off and keep him/her addicted to playing it all day long. The features will be discussed in the long run.

The game was authored by NEXON COMPANY, and NEXON has been doing pretty good this time around with epic battle games and other compelling action games. Dragon Nest 2 Legend will need a minimum of OS 4.03, 2.1GB free space and 2GB RAM.

Trust me have been down the playing this game forever and I must say that the game is compatible with Galaxy Notes and Galaxy S’ and any comparable or even much more superior devices. It’s an android game download and it’s more preferable to have it on any of the devices mention or try higher devices for more pleasure.

Without further ado, we’ll be getting down to the nitty-gritty of the subject been mention and breaking the gameplay by features so that our audience can see if the game is really interest to be played or one that should be over looked.

Dragon Nest 2 Legend Detailed Features:-

  • Gamers are assured to experience dramatic turns and twists.
  • Advance/explore dragon Nest’s 500yrs of traditional Knowledge and stories of a narrative beloved by over 200 +million people worldwide.
  • Disposed to revealing each character’s amazing story.
  • Customization of outfit and legendary upgraded pieces of equipment.
  • Gamers could sculpt/ create custom skilling combos that really suit their desired Heroes and game playing pattern.
  • New hard collection of any unique skills to be able to build elaborate combo/ critical course damaging attacks.
  • Gamers must push their desired Heroes to level up by completing each skill set to unlock special bonus skills.
  • Special critical damages can course a high next level up by executing your attacks with perfect timing.

                     Dragon Nest 2 Legend’s Gameplay’s screen-shots

In Dragon Nest 2 Legend gamers are free to join hands for more power elite players to challenge Nest mode and  other difficult story lines that need to be played. In this game or in the long run of the gameplay you will venture into difficult dungeons and there are more fierce epic battles to be won or you could just go on a simple NEST in real time with other players.

The game’s graphics is extremely breath-taking and the camera veered just as real time as possible. Gamers will experience good reflexes from their Heroes amazing finishing moves when it’s actually the right time for him/her to make a brutal combo death.

  • Free work together with other or could live to perish alone.
  • Master each boss’s death strike combos and do your utmost to maneuver it just at the right time.

Free to go and mingle over Dragon Nest 2 Legend’s official Facebook Page: Https:// 

Game info.

Genre: Adventure.

Mode: Online.

System requirements : v4.1 and above.

Current Version: 0.3.15

Category: RPG


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