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Steel and flesh v1.3 APK for android is a game full of actions & violence; the success and failures in this game can be traced to how well or how badly we deal with the inevitable conflicts that confronts us in each stage.

Steel and flesh is a strategic game, you don’t try to avoid all conflict –you just take the bull by the horns. You must become a strategic dye-in-the-wool warrior that operates much differently. Thinking ahead, leading your men to wars, to protect the children and our women.

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Conquer other kingdoms –with practical know-how on battle fields.  To deal with conflict, and the daily battle that you face in Steel and Flesh –intelligent maneuvers. Steel and Flesh is a flawless strategic RPG game, genuinely offered by Virtual Studios.

Virtual Studios has worked so hard on steel and Flesh to give total satisfaction, to all desired players who seek to experience the blood and guts struggles of wars. Game was actually updated on 23rd February, 2017, alongside its current version.

Steel and Flesh been a strategy game; speaking of “strategy” that name was derived from the ancient Greek word strategos, meaning literally ‘the leader of the army.’

As the World of game shrinks our real world, games of total battle fights must be carefully strategies. In the beginning, war was not all about strategic –people do not give a toss at all, about strategy of warfare of any kind.

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Blindly leading their men to battles to fight in an achingly brutal manner, a kind of strong violence in which warriors could display their heroism if they were any. But as adventurous warfare games expanded and evolved into the world, it has been discovered that war itself has all too many hidden costs, that waging it blindly could led to exhaustion & self-destruction.

War in this game had never been fought more rationally if you’re to be on the victory side. Become a legendary figure –leading your people to freedom and out of the colonialism of other powerful nations around the vest map.

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Careful strategies could allow you to defeat much larger armies, sorry to say, if you want to be Alexander the Great in this game. You ought to have more savvy of warfare to face your enemy whom is also using strategy.

The programmer of this gameplay made it extremely difficult to win. It’s like a match of Gladiator, where you have to rack your brain to get clue in fighting your way out to the victory land.

You need to develop an upward indirect/clever counter, give it the big I’m in this one, act as if you were a general. You need more strategy, more subtle ambush, and more fierce attack in the right time.

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Remember each of the games AndroidRemax is publishing comes with the original XAPK/APK file from the producer.  Enjoy best battle field with unique visuals!

Game Features:-

– Explore Vast map –
– Advance & trend in other territory e.g. Roman Empire, German, pirates, Vikings e.t.c.
– Inventory –
– Customize players, arms & alliance –
– Battle mode with third person –

What’s New?

– Bug fixed ( soldiers stand without action at duty post) –
– Optimized global map –

Extra info.

Current version: 1.3

File size: XAPK & APK

Required Android: 2.3 and above.

Developer: Virtual Studios.

Category: Action & adventurous ( strong violence).

Updated on: 23rd February, 2017.

Download XAPK(150.2MB).

Download APK(20.9MB).

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