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Sniper Fury is a FPS game with unique visuals; game was developed by one of the most popular producing/publishing game company ‘Gameloft.’ Game has been highly upgraded to 1.9.2d features all kind of fierce military weapons and deadly sniper missions. Game was finally updated on 9th March, 2017 and its taste for play till stands the test of time.

Sniper Fury is beyond all dispute, the best shooter sniper game this year. Many a people have a lot of saying that sniper fury is not the best of shooter games, but it’s completely open to dispute. Just having a fleeting glimpse of its trailer; you’ll be intrigued to downloading it. The game has a peculiar veer camera pattern.

Blow other’s base to take their hidden treasure to add to your upgrades. Use golden bullets that travel as fast as electric currents to pierce through walls and armors to have a death-kill-shot , and it always keeps you on suspend. Upgrade your men to safe-guard your base against other snipers not to break through, while you attack others’ base. Special opx( team assignment) to gets other rewards, battle packs.

Sniper Fury APK MOD surpasses every other shooter sniper game; men have been programmed to safe-guard bases –restricting you from accomplishing your mission. Every enemies that hold a gun, has been through combat training and he’s eligible to killing any spy or intruder that invades.

Sniper Fury has such a unique battle sound that gets you ears prick-up. This game is fierce in nature; get all notorious military weapons & gadgets featured. The higher you go the more difficult the game gets.

In Sniper Fury APK MOD features mission, events and my base. Mission mode is your career, where you have hundreds of fight to prove yourself as a sniper by taking down the bad guys. Each mission you successfully accomplish gets your rank higher.

The events are to go acquire things like upgrades, and other free weapon/gifts. My base mode is a kind of fun fight, where you’ve the legal right to go around destroying other players’ base and taking their treasure and earning more points. You must attack your enemies directly in this game; you stiffen their resistance and make your strikes more critical.

There is a better way to do this perfectly. Distract your opponents’ goals, because their achieved goals are your failed mission. Distract by engaging in a toe-to-toe gunshot; attacking them from all angle, where they least expect it. Hit them in critical place for easy elimination. Hit the soft tender and un-protective places.

Trust me the only way to get stubborn opponents to move is to approach them directly in this game. It is by attacking enemies directly that missions could be won. Use other compelling sniper like, Longbow T-76, M24 Sniper Weapon System, M25 Sniper Weapon System, M40 rifle, EDM Arms Windrunner, KNT-308 and other more.

Grasp at this chance of becoming a sniper, who operates alone to eliminate enemies by maintaining a close visual contact with enemies and shooting enemies from unexpected distances that can’t be noticed.

Enjoy best of Sniper games ever!

Game Features:-

  • FPS game.
  • Gameplay quasi-playstation 2 in graphics.
  • Customized Arsenal.
  • PvP multiplayer challenges.
  • 100+ fierce missions.
  • Rob others’ camp to get treasures.
  • Weapon mode: fight to earn sniper.

What’s New?

  • More guardians.
  • Challenge best of Snipet, new set of performance.
  • Extension of shields.

Sniper Fury APK MOD Details:-

Current version: 1.9.0i

Publication Date: 9th March, 2017.

Language: English & others.

Publisher: Gameloft.

Category: Action.

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