Download Sniper 3D Assassin Gun Shooter APK v1.14.4 For Android Phones & Tablets.

Experience a whole new dimension of Sniper shooting. Crowd out feelings of panic by focusing on a simple target –aim to kill, as every sniper does. Sniper 3d Assassin Gun Shooter is describe  as a ‘wind,’ a rush of unexpected events,  and attacks around you –are like a fierce wind at sea. It comes from any point, and there actually no place to escape from it –no way to predict when and what direction it will hit.  Good sniper, do not waste time worrying about what they cannot control. They concentrate on themselves –the skill and steadiness of their hand –to shoot whatever comes.

Sniper 3D Assassin is a compelling FPS game offered by one of the successful Sniper game companies ‘Fun Game,’ on 3rd February, 2017 published alongside its current version 1.1.4.  Fun Game granted all Android below 4.0.3 for free installation+ data with the original game

APK file directly given by AndroidRemax through the publishing company@ Fun Games. Sniper 3D Assassin is an offline gameplay that features all kinds of rifle/sniper, less critical damage when hit, over 90+ fierce sniper missions in career mode and about 10+ sniper training. Most impeccable finishing last bullet killer move, in fast pace with stunning veer camera shifts.

Experience breathtaking best shooter sniper game 3D graphic; each stage with different setting. Upgrade your sniper through minor quest and PvP mode. Sniper 3D Assassin is the interest to take lives with your sniper, the brutality and the rationality of your bullet penetrating through enemy’s body for total elimination.

It is a game of bloodshed; that is the idea if you want to win as a sniper –your sniper must be a serial eliminator. Use the sniper as your tool of elimination, your goal turns out to be violence and aggressive to such type of tool to be used against your enemies –making a brutal sniper kill and watch who the victim falls down.

As a sniper you must one step ahead of your enemies, making your moves more indirect. Your goal is to blend calculation with shooting, balancing and aim, into an unbeatable shot.

In this sniper gameplay, strategic shots gives bonuses and you should probably go in for it; you must be able to elevate yourself so that the victim cannot see you. You know as a sniper, you’ve been professionally trained in the field with crafted skilled gunman.

Who as a result of such kind of training is able to fire its victim from a long ranging distance in an obscured position during fights and while other things are going on.

The game feature free sniper training; this is where you have to undergo a some high level of training to horn the deadly skills of a sniper, and such skills include navigation, shooting skills, stalking and range aiming.

All these skills mention here are achingly important to have them –if you want to have a successful mission. One of the most the important of them all is the ‘shooting skills’ all snipers know this.

If you can’t shoot accurately from a far distanced view, then the name sniper has been misuse one way or the other. A great sniper must have the ability to shoot accurately and effective from afar, using long-range weapons/gadget to help get you a closer target.

Gamers should work very hard to be perfect in shooting skills with different sniper guns. As a Sniper you must be good in time in such a just; just an instinct you might have will allow you to pick the right time to pull the trigger to eliminate your running/standing or hidden target. Quickly to shoot is not the point here; a Sniper must aim and take his/her time to get a best killer shot, but gamers don’t need to wait too long that the target is out of range.

Game Features:-

  • Stunning 3D graphics.
  • FPS game.
  • 90+ fierce missions.
  • Eligible to phone & tablets.
  • Assaults of Snipers within your grasp.
  • Realistic reflexes.

What’s New?

  • Limited data usage.
  • Upgraded performance.
  • Bug fixes.

Extra info:-

Required Android: 4.0.3 and less.

Current version: 1.14.4

Updated: 3rd February, 2017.

Offered by: Fun Games for free.

Content Rating: Rated for 18+, extreme blood and guts.

Download APK(49.5MB)

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