Season Of War v1.0.141 APK MOD for Android.

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Season of War is a game of progressive wars, life is one long battle; we have to fight at every step. At the point of the sword and that we die with the weapon in our hand. Your obstacles are not rivers or mountains that share boundaries with other’ kingdom, your obstacle is any will be any kingdom that brings war match to your table.

Focus on your obstacles and eliminate them before they do same to you. Season of War is a kill or be killed game, that each step you take is between live and death, victory or failure.

Victory over your enemies will create you a legendary figure. Being a warrior means no matter what the battle field, commandant, fellow warriors & sword said, you have to know the truth in you own experience. Season of War had it current version 1.0.141 brought out on 24th February, 2017 developed by Imperia Online LTD. It’s a compelling art of war full of strategy & turmoil.

A game that drags you between hope & frustration, get the pendulum of your mind oscillating between sense and non-sense –to know what it’s like to rule a kingdom & empire. Build a city: create a home full of good citizens, strengthen your economy by engaging in import & export of goods and services.

Advance in epic battles; where you have to display your knack as a true legendary warrior you are. Feel the realistic battle field as you grasp every chances of knifing your enemies into bit by bit of flesh.

Experience the front roll sit of true violence, feel the screams of warriors loosing/running for dear life, grasp your sword and display moves in good reflexes. Shield yourself for less critical attack of enemy sword and arrows coming through.

Tool yourself with legendary armors of ancient warrior, who also fought for freedom for their land. Hang your kingdoms flag as recognition of a noble warrior willing to die for her country. Lead your warriors to battles, smash the enemies walls to the down, destroy their kingdoms; by killing the soldiers/archer and knights. Safe-guild your kingdom, place Archer to eliminate any threat to the kingdom.

Archer should be no practice play-shooter of using their bow to propel arrows for fun! It should be a clean killer shoot of any enemy as a target.

Season of War APK MOD is such an addictive game play; its battle field camera is so that real it makes you shudder over the violence massacre. Gameplay features best of jaw-dropping killer finishing skills of swords, arrows, cross-bow, knights & spear. It’s an absolute bloodthirsty battle war game where you’ve been drawn between hope and frustration.

Safe your men, children and women from the jaw of death, as you engage in strong bloodbath in battle field. Season of War APK MOD is a compelling adventure gameplay with several battle fight event: PvP fight mode, career mode offline killing tournaments and practices of skills.

If speaking of game’s camera, camera visual is a breathtaking one. Its veer with an amazing sight measured alongside good reflexes. Big shout out to Imperia Online LTD for such a great APK game.

Game Features:-

  • Battle with the barbarians & pirates and conquer their castles.
  • Create a stable economy (rule your kingdom properly).
  • Developing your kingdom (creating job opertunities through e.g Agriculture, Educations, trading e.t.c.
  • Lead your armies to war.
  • Safe-guild your kingdom against external threat.

What’s New?

  • Bug fixes & other improvements.
  • Additional tournaments.
  • Additional items in shop.
  • Faster booting system.

Extra Info.

Current version: 1.0.141

Required Android: 4.0 and above.

Developer: Imperia Online LTD

Category: Action & adventurous(strong violence).

Updated on: 24th February, 2017.

Download APK(70.0MB).

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