Planet Of Heroes v0.1 APK MOD For Android

Written by Remax Ngere

Planet Heroes is an amazing real time action game eligible to all smart phones; game has a flawless game experience –good brutality, fierce quest, violent finishing with good reflexes and stunning graphic arrangement.

Game was published on 26th February, 2017 by My.Com B.V. Planet Heroes APK file on AndroidRemax has been directly gotten from BV the Publisher of the game. Only on AndroidRemax will you find compelling games with its latest versions and original APK & XAPK files.

Use all kinds of Heroes within your grasp, advance in PvP game mode, offline tournaments, PVE campaign with other champions within your arena that will blow your socks off, only on Planet Heroes APK for Android. In Planet Heroes it is extremely difficult to kill the enemies when they’ve been highly upgraded, toiling upwards in higher assassination.

It happens much more when we often fail a mission repeatedly –over and over again. Giving the enemy the ample opportunities to regain strength by taken things easy and to choose the easy paths; enemies in the harder stages, will spread to the easier ones. You’ve a hero pack; lead them to war against enemies for total defect.

It is a total saying that “You against the world of darkness” the time is too short. Spend your hours in this game killing in bloodbath, with your bloodthirsty hero pack.

If you die, die brave, die as a hero! You must have brilliant ideas in each stage to be able to tackle enemies fiercely. You must be able to lay down unbeatable strategies –but if the Pack of heroes you lead is unresponsive and sluggish in skills/ actions your execution means nothing.

To be able to defect enemies effectively, you ought to have fewer upgrades of you hero –giving your chosen hero to ability to withstand critical attacks, and the necessary abilities & skills to fight back.

Planet Heroes APK MOD as a pack of hero gameplay, it is the primary goal in attacking stronger enemies, by building speed and mobility into the very structure of your hero pack.  Gamers in this gameplay; before formulating a strategy or taking action, should understand the structure of their alliance, packs and your ability.

You can always change it and redesign it to fit your purpose of killing your enemies in masses to have higher bonus counts –if not you will as well as witness a disastrous falling.  Fierce attack begins in the early stages, where your hero has less experience in battling with subtle enemies. Planet Heroes AKP MOD has driven a hard play here.

In this game of heroes in total war with enemies, it is not the men, but the man, that counts –you and not your pack of heroes, that matters. Choose your desired hero, customize your weapons, call out for alliance in aid when in critical condition and feel realistic 3D graphical visuals that quasi-cartoon in style. Lead your pack of heroes to eliminate total destruction. For what the leaders are, will their men below them be.

Game Features:-

•    Access to 16 different languages, more understandable.
•    Rewards & unlock higher upgrades of skills through online challenges.
•    Over 200 runes heading (20,000 different setups in each).
•    Customize your hero (skills, power & armor).
•    Advance in perilous quest.

What’s New?

•    Bug fixes & other improvements.
•    Auto-play misssion’s review.
•    Use all heroes in practice mode.

Planet of Heroes APK MOD Details:-

Current version: 0.1

Publication Date:  26th February, 2017.

Language: English & 15 more.

Publisher: B.V

File size: APK(72.0MB)

Category: Action.

Download APK(72.0MB)

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