Download Oceanhorn Android APK MOD v 1.1.1 for Andorid.

Ocean horn APK game is an adventurous game offered by FGD Entertainment GmbH &C0.KG with amazing graphics & wild explore to nature –mountains, seas, and wild creatures. Advance in search of what is needed, as monsters & other rivals, Play past puzzles that come. Advance on mystic journeys –find hidden treasures & ancient secrets that could aid your quest. The cave you fear to trend might have the hidden treasures that you seek.

The rivers cut through a rock not because of its power but its persistence –as you take on whatever comes, fight through whatever faces you –survive and strive on fierce mystic locations.

Ocean Horn APK MOD is an offline gameplay with extremely addictive pattern. It’s cool, compelling, intriguing, and absolutely adventurous in nature.

Gameplay could effectively play only on android version 4.1 and above –only then could you experience the immerse of Ocean Horn adventure play.  Ocean Horn APK MOD put players in perilous quest where you have to rack you brain to solve problems in each quest with your unique ability given and yet to be found.

You fight your way through as your advance in monster of uncharted seas, trend in cave that holds treasure to seek. Drive around the shore of the crazy monster seas, use massive ancient weapons to take down whatever comes, whatever crosses your path. Ocean Horn APK MOD is an easy gameplay with a unique simply camera visuals.

In Ocean Horn APK MOD you a voyager: you tend to travel on a long journey as you cross the vest seas; embarking on a dangerous quest.

As you bon voyage! life across those seas are long way battle all through, where you have to fight at every step; this is the point of the sword, and that blood shall be shed, voices shall yell out for help, the quiet sounds of death shall pass through you and you shall fell all it takes to survive. Your mind is your greatest weapon as you cross those seas to seek hidden secrete/things.

Your mind is the starting point in war and all strategy. Before you directly point you sword to an enemy, you must always have the nerves when it reverses. Declare total war with your any enemy you come in contact with, because they will do same.

Aim at your enemy and aim to kill –kill or be killed. Your enemies shall come at you with all what they have gotten, because a war can only be fought against enemies who show themselves. Good a thing your enemies in this game are not invisible. Here you can strategies to strike them from within; so as to bring them down.

When critically hit, gamers should be resistant and totally defensive. Let your sword spark for action not passive contemplation. As you glance it all in this amazing gameplay, seeing to realistic graphical visuals, with compelling veer camera pattern.

Even the forbidding enemy creature, it becomes more tender and tastier, until you arrive at the brutality of killer actions. You have to perform crazy killer skills to horn more upgrades and bonuses. Multiply your treasures gotten, to buy weapons & other compelling things to use in your quest. Enjoy Ocean Horn APK MOD for free now!

Game features:-

  • Effective east-control.
  • adventurous quest & ancient puzzles.
  • Customize visual setting.
  • Mystic music played along side.
  • Sword & sorcery usage with other weapons within your grasp.

What’s New?

  • Bug fixes & other improvements.
  • Achingly good touch control.
  • More of visual setting.

Ocean Horn APK MOD Details:-

Current version:   1.1.1

Publication Date: 13th February, 2017.

Language: English.

Publisher:    FDG Entertainment GmbH & CO.KG.

File size: XAPK( 261.3MB) APK(9.3MB)

Category: Adventure.

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