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Immortal Conquest is talk the talk…walk the walk RPG game, full of difficult quest, fights for freedom, conquest & explore one’s land, advance in claims of total domination. Immortal conquest is an intriguing strategy warfare game of mystery that could put you off you misery –blow your socks off.

The Game was genuinely developed & published by NetEase Game alongside its current version 1.1.11. This game APK & XAPK file was gotten from the cradle of the game –NetEase Game. It is the original file directly gotten form the production company; you can find more about it if you could guess it on Google search.

Immortal Conquest is flawless but competitive warfare strategies game, were players are been put to test their IQ –if there is anything of creativity.

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Advance in Epic battle with most Egypt half-human-half-gods notorious warriors in history; use spells, with incredible powers for your quest/domination over other kingdoms and Empires; conquer and fight for domination over 2 million pieces of land on a vest map with shared with other players.

Game have you had a front-roll-seat experience of warfare –how to strategically strike your enemies below the earth crust, when the time is ripe.

How to have you think ahead toward your long-term goal, decide which fights is right at the moment and what one to avoid for the mean time –play for time. When force to fight by other players, you can do so with indirection and subtle maneuver, making your manipulations hard to be trace.

Immortal Conquest APK MOD is a total strategy gameplay, where you have to master the act of timing, and spacing.

Creating frustration, compelling mistakes and engenders a mental collapse that precedes the physical. You win not with you fists but by controlling the battlefield –be smart! You have to throw your enemies on the defensive, and once they have been placed there, they cannot rise up again during the entire campaign.

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Strategy! Strategy!! Strategy!!! Strategy has no reversal. Know that any effort to seem not to control any situation, to refuse to retreat, is in fact a form of control. But be aware that there is no escape from the control dynamic.

To those gamers who say they are doing so are playing the most insidious control game of all. You could barely survive. Thus when the banners of your enemy come into sight and the beating of its battle drums can be heard.

Strategies on first ascertaining the positions of your enemy; then attack it from the back surprisingly.

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This is an excellent strategy to crush the enemy totally. You have to find out the other side of most cherishes and protects –that is where your enemy’s power lies, and you must strike that exact point fiercely!

Immortal Conquest APK MOD is an addictive warfare gameplay; you just need not be a square peg in a round hole.

You need to be part of the best warriors in the leaderboard. Remember AndroidRemax gives you the latest version on every game –uploading/posting daily. Enjoy best played warfare game with its original APK/XAPK file.

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Game Features:-

  • Advance in fierce epic battles.
  • Throw flag/pin your flag to show conquering over a particular piece of land.
  • Build your unstopeble armies as your smash the walls of the kingdom and take over everything.
  • Form alliance with friends online.
  • Defend and bring more weapons to alliance to become unassialable warriors.
  • Expand territory/ruler across vest map over 2 million pieces of land.

What’s New?

  • Game setting re-adjustment.
  • New display of Gaino card & surprise packages.
  • Other incorrect bugs displayed on vest map detials have been fixed.

Immortal Conquest APK MOD Details:-

Current version: 1.1.11

File size: XAPK(250.7MB) APK(24.1MB).

Required Android: 2.3 and above.

Developer: NetEase Games.

Category: RPG with moderate violence & sexual inuendo.

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