Download FZ9: Timeshift v1.1 APK + DATA for Android.

Fz9: timeshift is sure to be a FPS game, and the version 1.1 was created by Hick Games. Game at 100% will always be in a hundred battles at a risk –carefully strategies and walk through enemy camps.

Taps and ambush your enemies; you must be shrewd about not getting easily things not in accord with reason. Game features best upgraded assault Rifles, snipers and machine guns with fierce military operations. Aim & have a clear shot to promote your value, even pace to have amazing finishing kill. You must be willing to fight for it and to aim at results –not simple the good.

Fz9: timeshift APK MOD gameplay is an adictive online game; less data but its APK file is huge. Game features different modes of missions and surprise upgrades packs/cards. Huge vierity of weapons at your disposal, and explore in-depth upgrade system –where you have your weapons highly upgraded e.g bullets, snipers, AK’s, armors, and other compelling gadges to use.

Perform amazing skills like slowing time, maneuvering bullets, shooting while on the air with other fantastic moves with terrific speed. Gameplay features terrific events(missions) e.g. daily events, Farm event, weekly event, campaign e.t.c.

In Fz9: Timsshift the enemies operational form quasi-germs in style. Once the enemy gets sight at you they attack fiercely with no mercy, their hits spread more and more quickly. Your attempts to destroy them quickly as well, but the more moves you make to retreat and back-off, the stronger and harder they hit.

You can’t really anticipate their attack –you just need to do your almost to survive. This gameplay is total war with enemies not were angels or cupid dances around with ground decorated flowers with designed wings. It is where men of actions get jobs done, rooting out the enemies and eliminating them all.

Our enemies in this game are always there to thwart out plans and impede us from accomplishing our goals. It is achingly compelling to attacking opponent directly, never allowing them to stiff their resistance. You need to feel the immersive power of your gun, which in fact gives you the power to guide/ protect yourself in battle were you can’t go empty handed.

You have to force yourself to contradict your good nature of not kill –if you probably have one. Even if you appear to been brave enough to take down your enemies fast, trust me, no one is so that brave in each stage without going on the defensive side or hit critical or even have to die and replay the mission.

Despite braveness, a lot of disorder and irrationality beneath the enemies, that is why you should desperately strain to maintain focus in eliminating them by a terrifying subtle strike.

They cannot predict your action, neither can you. So you have to strategies properly to secretly churn them to death –by shooting. Learn to make enough shooting and you will free yourself off your enemy’s bullet, buy packs of skills to make your aim more easier to get on your enemies and to perform wild shooting skills e.t.c. Once you’re good at combating/shooting, you’ve made a good maneuvering escape.

Game Features:-

•     Bullet time kill.
•    30+ military operations.
•    Upgrade Arsenals.
•    Multiplayer game mode(challenge with other best shooter).

What’s New?

•    Bug fixes & other improvements.

Extra info:-

Required Android: 4.0.3 and above.

Current version: 1.1

Updated on: 20th February, 2017.

Offered by: Hick Games.

Content Rate: Rated for 16+ strong violence.

Download XAPK(546.8MB)

Download APK(39.2MB)



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