Fatal Fight : Fighting Game APK MOD for Android.

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 Fatal Fight: Fighting Game is, certainly the best kung fu fighting game offered by Itech Media solution. Explore the world of Kung-fu as you visit beautiful stages and meet dye-in-the-wool grandmasters of kung-fu. Learn and horn your powers through different practices of the kung-fu & tai-chi.

You’re judged in the game by how well your combos and finishing are –art of ending things well is to know how to strike fiercely. Use powerful skills –spells, bending of elements e.t.c. Game strikes terror into you, as you witness amazing brutality & fatality with good reflexes. Fatal Fight: Fighting Game APK MOD is absolutely fantastic, addictive, challenging and fun; it’s an easy control gameplay but fierce in action.

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The game could only play on Android version 4.0.3 and above; here you could use various characters with skillful powers to hack and slash! Event cards and other crazy events featured in this game to put you off your tedious hours. Use other classic fighter e.g Ninja, Samurai, Assassin and others with unique elements to display.

You can customize your chosen fighter as you struggle to climb higher in the leaderboard fighting tournaments, where you ought to know how really good your skills are. Fatal Fight: Fighting Game has an amazing graphic quasi-cartoon in style. Real weather/climate stunning 3D visuals, breathtaking finishing combos/good fast pace killer skills.

In Fatal Fight: Fighting Game you will see crazy skills and techniques featured. Used in eliminating enemies, skills include: chokes –chokes in the gameplay is often done in finishing kills and use to defend oneself. Chokehold is a kind of strangling lock down. Hold your enemy’s neck with a firm grasp to cause unconsciousness and that even leads to death.

This technique can’t be display anyhow, till you have to specific requirement to have it –you must earn it! In this gameplay you will see other compelling Kung fu arts of skill in close-quarters and hand-to-hand combat, martial arts and self-defense. Another is called the Joint lock.

This skill goes like the other mention it can’t be display till you have earn it, probably from one of the events pack. Here you could perform a fast pace manipulative lock with your fighter’s wrist, elbows, and knees. This skill oozes out plenty of points, as you go beyond the normal active range of it –in a sense of dislocating the enemy’s bones. It is a form of grappling techniques, use in higher Kung fu fights. The only techniques within your grasp are: Kicks, strikes and usage of weapons.

In kicks technique, you tend to strike enemy fiercely with knees and legs. Doing it with speed and simple additional power, like a roundhouse kick. This is where your chosen fighter delivers the kick with a quick snap. Strike and weapons are the most commonly seen ones. Strikes are sharp hits with your legs or arms; that cause enemy’s sudden death.  Weapons are normally use in Fatal Fight: Fighting Game. Were you ought to use deadly samurai blade in fast pace combos e.t.c.

Enjoy game to the fullest as you grasp on every opportunity to downloading it!

Game Features:-

    Breath-taking graphical visuals & camera setting.
Offling game mode.
Advance in for kung-fu & tai-chi skills.
Leaderboard & other amazing tournaments.
Good upgrades and achievement to earn.
Uses of sorcery.
Finishing touch (brutality and fatality) with good reflexes.

What’s New?

    Bug fixes & gams stability improvement.

Fatal Fighting Game APK MOD Details:-

Current version: 2.0.230

Publication Date: 10th February, 2017.

Language: English & others.

Publisher: Itech Media Solution.

File Size: APK (87.3MB).

Category: Fighting.

Download APK(87.3MB)

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