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Empire War: Age of Hero APK MOD is an online strategy gameplay; where war is an act of the will aimed at a living entity that reacts. Were you could barely distinguish friends from foes. Learn how to smoke enemy like snakes in the green grass. Game gives you details of each quest, but the information might be useless unless you know how to interpret it, how to use it against your enemies. To be alert, to the phenomenon of the masked opposite –advance knowledge is all that matters. Such knowledge cannot be had from ghosts and spirits, or through comparison with past events. It must come from people who know the enemy’s situation –Careful and rigorous observation, and anxious counsel.  Even as you work so hard to take down enemies you must make yourself as formless as water/ to be so that difficult to read as you create alliances with other gamers online and fight against the rest. Empire War: Age of Hero APK MOD v4.550 could only on Androids with higher versions including version 4.0 and above. Empire War is an addictive war strategy game with an amazing visuals quasi-cartoon in style. Game was actually published by one of the best strategic gameplay companies ‘FT Games’.   FT Game has always been one of the best companies that provided game’s original APK file. Big shout out to their effort! FT Game if only you could guess it down the next of game button in adventurous game tab, you will see other related war games published by same FT Game Company, and for the most part they’re all addictive games.

Empire War: Age of Hero APK MOD is an impeccable gameplay, which operates much differently from others. Game puts you in a flight/fight mode. Have you thought out plans ahead toward your long-term goals, and decide which fights to go first and which are to be inevitable at the moment. Be aware that your battle strength goes up/ down as you engage in battle with your enemies. Empire War: Age of Hero APK MOD controls and channel your emotions as you see a realistic battle blood-share, bloodthirsty warriors with their swords ripping off opponent’s head apart, moving pretty fast to kill more to be on the other side of victory, Pulling the arrows off their bows to have a perfect elimination –all these could be seen only on Empire War: Age of Hero APK MOD. Use subtle maneuver, making your manipulations hard to trace. Strategies with ally in ambushing enemies and eliminate them all. Game features perilous quest, with strong empires to conquer. It is no game for kids. Strategy is all that matters most.

Game Empire War: Age of Hero APK MOD details:-

Current version: 4.550

Publication Date: 5th February, 2017.

Language: English.

Publisher: FT Games.

File Size: 66.3MB.

Category: Adventurous.

What’s New?

•    Bug fixes/ other optimizations.
•    Promotional gift packs anniversary/abundant activities.
•    Second anniversary theme event is on rpogress.

 Game Features:-

•    Collection of thousands of accessible materials to create your own war weapons.
•    PvP Battles for the throne of Rome.
•    Experience myriad Bosses ( vampires, Horsemen, Dark-demonic Knights, Centaurs, Dragon with other creatures that ever existed in mythical/magical realm.
•    Alliance with other players; as you recruit warriors/ heroes e.g. Whitebeard, Medusa, Alexander    Williams wallat e.t.c.
•    Over hundrends of cities to conquer.
•    Epic arsenals: Cavalry, siege engines, infantry/ crossbow e.t.c.
•    Vast-map.

Download APK(66.3MB)

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