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Crisis Action is irreproachable FPS gameplay offered by HERO Game under Esport production of games. Game was updated on 23rd February, 2017 along its latest version 2.0. Game got the most critical shooter attribute ever experienced in Esports game before, shoot, maneuver, run & take cover –advance to battle field line, as you experience baptism of fire.

Shooting experience in this game is so that real that it makes you shudder; camera veer in a peculiar way all just to have a realistic shooting. Along every battle event you engage in, the whole environment make you perplex, because just having a fleeting glimpse of the real movements of enemy, the thunderous shooting of machine guns, the bustling enemies troop all in Crisis Action APK MOD.

Advance in perilous mission in each career mode and other events for upgrades/free bonuses. Massive assaults of sniper & rifle within your disposal. Real time climates experience. Eight clan wars –dominate noobs with your friends.

Console controls, online multiplayer FPS training. Crisis Action APK MOD is a fast pace FPS game that has a fantastic visuals; it is a total addictive gameplay. CA has an official online tournaments mode –play with other forks around the globe. Customize map, in creation mode. Game features fast pace shooter experience, with pretty good reflexes, other intriguing game addition in each mode with a whole new dimension military combats & shooter.

Remember we always give the original XAPK & APK files. Enjoy best of shooter by esport!

In Crisis Action APK MOD massive usage of weapons, notwithstanding; get disposed to assaults of Snipers like: AN-94, AMD-65, AK-5, AK-101, AK-47, AEK-971, Adaptive Combat Rifle, Close Quaters Battle, Colt Canada C7 rifle and many more. From the get-go of the game you already had some of these guns within your disposal and some are locked in the store purchase pack.

In this store you’ll have to do what is required of you if you want to earn some of those guns listed. While some you will just have to buy them with money of gold. Some could be found or freely give in the black market box  –where you have to buy the boxes with gold and then choose.

This gameplay is such an addictive game; many a people from all works of had commented on it and they’re all pressing to play it.  Good a thing the producer made it an online, where you can battle with other gamers across the globe and play/fight your way through to the leaderboard –it is absolutely mesmerizing!

Don’t fumble with your weapons at hand, even when you’re in turmoil. In Crisis Action APK MOD gauge into their attacks and psychology and use it against them, when you stand face to face with your enemies, there must be one of two things; you either kill them or they reverse your action.

Be stylish in using your weapons earns good grades/bonuses –performing acts and still more in all the forms of shooting of soldier character.

See your enemies as a sweetmeats and dainties for your soul; and keep pulling that trigger of yours till your take what your soul truly needs for breakfast! Remember that the greatest danger you face is when you are critically hit and your life-bar tends to drain rapidly; the solution of course, is to plan ahead and spot them before they take that critic shot.

If it happened that they had taken that kind of shot, you must look you the first aim box that increases life or you die in the long run of the baptism of fire with enemies.

Game Features:-

•    FPS-game.
•    Massive online multiplayer mode.
•    Pvp crazy tournament(with prize).
•    2017 additional tournament.
•    Dominate noobs with your friends.
•    8 men clan wars.

What’s New?

– Bug fixes & othe improvements.
– Game security upgrade.
– New additional function.

Extra info.

Currrent version: 2.0

File size: XAPK(342.5MB) APK(27.6MB)

Required Android: 4.0 and above.

Developer: Hero Game.

Category: FPS game(action).

Updated on: 23rd February, 2017.


Download XAPK(324.5MB)

Download APK(27.6MB)

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