Call Of Outlaw APK MOD v1.0.6 for Android

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Call Of outlaw APK Details:-

Current version: v1.0.6

Publication Date: 28th February, 2017.

Language: English & 15 other langueges.

Publisher: ZUUKS Games.

File size: APK (95.6MB)

Category: Action( stronge violence).

Call of Outlaws is an operational Cowboy FPS gameplay; thrilling account of the strangest and most daring missions of all other Cowboy game series. Call 0f Outlaws APK MOD v1.0.6 was published on 28th February, 2017 by ZUUKS Games. ZUUKS is certainly one of the best producing FPS game that always, by fair means or foul gives the original APK file of any game published by her.

They thought over it couple of times, and had a whole new dimension of Cowboy game brought out; an excellent, real story, of the best of Cowboys hero game. Over years the mean character of this game game-over using his weapon. He was had a deer/bounty hunter; but he toss all those crap off the window.

He’s been housebound since then his plots of land explore over 10 acre of lands, his cows, and his precious wife with their unborn child; all were the only thing on these earth that he hold dearly, until some crazy little Nitwit came kidnapped his wife –now the adventurous part of the game begins…

In Call of Outlaws APK MOD you must show that you are ready to take you enemies down with you, destroying their lives and taking every single treasure in the process. Threat of enemies will be shocking, so please don’t leap out of your skin when you see one. You take action that is directly to kill them in a critical to earn fast upgrades.

The more dangerous and attack you give, the more your player comes stronger and stronger. Game features different kind of Cowboys skills e.g. Trick Ride: In Call outlaws you tend to see enemies standing on their horses’ and at times hanging from the side or under its belly aiming/shoot with amazing reflexes.

These skills are normally used to hide from enemies shots or to go in for total defensive mode. In this gameplay leaping down from above or with a running start is also seen. Cowboys tend to leap from the back side of their horse onto another horse. What are all this skills in aid? For greater bonus; killer perfect shot and to avoid critical open attack.

Cowboy’s rope: In Call of Outlaws APK MOD roping is one of the most vital tools of a cowboy. In gameplay notorious enemy cowboys throw a rope to snare and lasso you on the neck –to enable a 140 Ib. You could use this opportunity to earn priceless bonuses, to perform a crazy reversal to strike or snare with the lasso in a reverse way.

In Call of Outlaws you shall see other cow-boyish acts and I’m sure, that the amount of trick rides, roping and shooting counts the number of strength that brings victory in your counter with other notorious Cowboys. In order for you to accomplish this, you must create the impression of being more powerful than you are.

Feel the realistic gameplay, with incredible graphics. Veer camera turns and other compelling settings in the game that will intrigue you.

Game features:-
•     Explore south west locations full of notorious Cowboys.
•    10+ Cowboys weapons.
•    Fierce Cowboy to Cowboy challenges.
•    Breathtaking 3D graphics.
•    Crazy horse rides.
•    15+ languages support.

What’s New?
•    Bug fixes & other improvements.
•    Switch on/off options.

Download APK(95.6MB)

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