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Bullet Force is a FPS- 3D gameplay offline mode, with fast pace shooter experience, featuring 20 player massive battles. Only Android version 4.2 and above and play Bullet Force without any disturbance or game bugs. The game was on the 23rd March, 2017 produced with its latest version by Lucas Wilde. Game judge on victory won only by the number of enemies killed; terrorism is direct and symmetrical war.  It is a simple test of strength against strength –combat within you and terrorist. Bullet Force is a military gameplay that features all kinds of military guns e.g. Grenade-Based, Assault Rifles/Carbine, Shotguns, Submachine guns, pistols, DMRs/Sniper Rifles e.t.c. over 20+ territories to work on. Customize squad and lead them to missions only on offline mode. Bullet. Bullet Force brings all kind of fierce attacks coming through. The less a thing is foreseen the more fright does it cause –this is nowhere seen than in war, where every surprise strikes terror even to those who are much the stronger. Bullet force is one of the best shooter Game that will have you disposed to ‘the use of military Arsenals’ & baptism of fire with amazing visuals. Shift the battlefield subtly –you control the dynamic. Get enemies to fight on your terms.

In Bullet force APK MOD you need to let the line of attack red, before you can strike –only if you want to have a perfect shot. You need to arm you self properly with armors, deadly shooter guns and so on. Because the in Bullet Force you either kill or be killed. The world if full of terrorist; you are a gamer in this game to eliminate them all. Everything in this game conspires to push you into the center of violence –baptism of fire. The game is achingly violence. You could always seek the path of least resistance for a while, but not that long; because in every mission this is a specific time for it.  Resistance will only come into play when you’re critically hit and your life- bar is draining way too fast –resisting in this point is good. You need to stay strong and alert; it is no game for ‘sleeping on a riding bicycle. Bullet Force APK MOD requires of you to keep an eye on your enemies. Your ability to shoot enemies critically horn you a lot of point; given this knowledge, you can get upgraded through this means without having getting any upgrades through buying skills with cash. You must also rack your brain to find out more easy moves in eliminating your enemies. Good a thing you got helpers on your team embarking on same mission with you; willing and able to kill whatever it is that stands in your way. You could create more alliance to earn more helping hands in order to make your mission a lot easier. War with other players in this game is absolutely not an art of the will aim at inanimate matter, as it is in the mechanical arts, rather it is an act of the will aimed at a living entity that reacts. You aim to kill and please do me good by killing good. As a dye-in-the-wool soldier you must take your men to your desired mission, and planet the killer formation of act they will be using. It is vital to strategies in this game as well; because enemies will keep you on suspends –constantly surprising you with all kinds of fierce attacks that might lead to failed mission.

Game Features:-

  • Multiplayer mode.
  • Over 30+ top arsenals.
  • Custom marches.
  • Offline/online mode.
  • Amazing 3D graphics.
  • Customize your weapon.

What’s New?

  • Bug fixes & other improvements.
  • Reduced network usage.
  • Adjusted 820 MCS usage.

Bullet ForceAPK MOD Details:-

Current version: 1.0.2

Publication Date: 23rd March, 2017.

Language: English.

Publisher: Lucas Wilde.

Category: FPS

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