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Clash of Queens: Dragons Rise APK MOD is total clash of empires on an epic scale.  It’s an empire gameplay that differs from any other empire play. Clash of Queens: Dragons Rise is such a great gameplay that actually have you nursed a baby dragon as you build your unassailable Empire alongside. Nurse you baby dragon to help save-guide your territory against external upsurge in attack, and critical damages to your fruitful kingdom. Clash of Queens is an online APK MOD play only on Android version 2.3.3 and above; sorry anything less of that and you still pull the download button, it is at your own risk.  This game is a revolutionary new strategy war game open within your grasp. It is a sure most easy addictive gameplay ever! Clash of Queens: Dragons Rise is an online game published by Elex Wireless; updated version 1.8.48 on 2nd March, 2017. Elex try sculpt this one to a better sharp since their current updates took place; game has been a lot more easier to control but still puts difficult quest in your paths –that’s just the thrill of every game right? Thrill of the case, conquering, fighting, killing & hunting. Clash of Queens is such a compelling game; it gives you the ample opportunities to meet new friends that have same gameplay on the mobiles. Created a forum chat, where you can express yourself with other players –exchange ideas/strategies better than lonely thoughts. Clash of Queens engages on epic battle over kingdoms (shows the strength you’re willing to pull for your kingdom/your queen) or you could toss that all adventurous event off the window as you shrug past the download click. Clash of Queens also engages on knights/pvp fights e.t.c.

Clash of Queens: Dragon Rise APK MOD is a great strategy gameplay for Android which shows you more of War rather than peace; that you must be slow in deliberation and swift in execution. Just like the storm: ‘it’s the suddenness of the storm that is so terrifying’. Out of nowhere lightning strikes, the winds pick up…and the sky explodes –that is a typical sign of suddenness. You must learn how to slow down in some time in battles. Slowness can have great value, particularly as a setup. Likely to appear slow and deliberate, even a little foolish, will lull your enemies, infecting them with a rather sluggish attitude. This game gives one hundred percent chances of Strategy. You must know when their guard is down, and that time is the now to strike critically, and trust me an unexpected blow from the side will knock them out. Remember Clash of Queens is a no go area for kids that can’t strategies/plan ahead. You must sting your enemy like a Bee. There must be this saying coming off your mouth “I came, I saw, I conquered”. Travel through a vest map, board in ships into perilous battles, face a fast enemy. Only true defense is to be as fast. Speed is the only thing in battle that could neutralize speed. Clash of Queens: Dragon Rise has driven a hard one here in battles. Enemies have been upgraded to fight with their last drop of blood; it is an absolute game of blood and guts struggle between kingdoms.

Game Features:-
•    MMO PvP/ PvE gameplay.
•    New events updates packages.
•    Amazing online battle field with realistic graphically visuals.
•    Endless gifts/prizes.
•    Build your kingdom/strengthen your warriors to war.
•    Knights/dragon fights.
•    Nuture your Dragon to fight enemies.
•    Make empires allies.

What’s New?

•    Alliance boss tends go off the picture when alliance has dismissed.
•    Extra Ghost energy returns to you after your Ghost Dragon is hatched successfully.

Clash of Queens: Dragons Ris APK details:-

Current version: 1.8.48

Publication Date: 2nd March, 2017.

language: English/ others.

Publisher: Elex Wireless.

File size: APK(59.5MB)

Category: Adventure.

Download APK(59.5MB)

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