Download Age Of Wushu Dynasty APK MOD for Android

Current version: 8.0.1

Publication Date: 2nd March, 2017.

Language: English & other countries studing Martial Arts.

Publisher: Snail Games USA Inc.

File size: APK(61.2MB)

Category: RPG 

What’s New?

•     Horse Race.
•    New outfit for Bamboo Grove/Jade Brocade.
•    School challenge Function now open.
•    Dungeon Level 110 now open.
•    Added fourth school Martial Arts.
•    Level 85 is now open.
•    Heroes Level cap is now up to 90.

Age of Wushu Dynasty APK MOD is a flawless RPG game that plays incredibly well on mobiles –Androids. Only Android version 4.0.3 and above can play Age of Wushu Dynasty perfectly, others might in the long run, start slowing down or developing faults. This gameplay has the most compelling characters featured as it were live, and its original APK file version for Android was published on 2nd March, 2017 by Snail Games USA Inc. This game producing company has other related RPG martial Arts game, as good as ‘Age of Wushu Dynasty,’ they rather have different functions/characters all together. Age of Wushu have a compelling graphic visuals of each stages about to approach in. It gives you the ‘Know-how’ ample opportunity to deal with the problems at hand in every stage. Speaking of ‘graphics’ Age of Wushu Dynasty drives a hard one there; the camera settings are amazing. It has a veer kind of camera pattern never seen in any Martial Arts series.
Age of Wushu Dynasty APK MOD features most all of Martial arts: Karate which means ‘Empty handed.’ Karate in Age of Wushu Dynasty is a kind of fighting that describes Offensive and defensive moves. Karate in this game, it is totally forbidden to grappling & wrestling. Karate users in Age of Wushu Dynasty uses fast pace power-punches, with dangerous kicks with their legs. Kung fu is another skill of fighting featured in Age of Wushu Dynasty APK MOD. Kung fu is this game consists of thousands of hard and soft killer techniques, taught on both offensive & defensive. If you by chance upgrade your fight to have a Kung fu card fighter, you are eligible to use punches, kicks, grappling and blocking moves with weapons. Also gamers of the game uses a technique Martial art called “Aikido”. It is one of the most powerful martial Art of all. It is a typical example of ‘connecting with life energy’. This skill could only be bought in this game. It is to disarm an attacker, going on a strong defensive moves –block, escape, grabs & and perform peculiar killer falls. It is only used to reducing conflict in a peaceful way. T’ai chi chuan is also an incredible skills used in this game. T’ai chi in the highest range of state; increases your life more. It is the movements of posture & flow of the body energy to horn-create killer finishing. Jujitsu! Of all is a Japanese martial art that quasi-T’ai chi in style. Gamers here use flexibility, quickness & a fluidity of motion to perform skills with good reflexes. Fighters in such mode are eligible to sword fighting –those are the type you see on the screenshot of the post. You can use various weapons with agility, speed, and effectiveness.  The last is called “Judo”. Only strongly upgraded fighters in this game could horn such a perilous power of defense. It is the highest form is disarming an attacker by applying pressure to specific sensitive point on their body. All this could be seen only on Age of Wushu Dynasty APK MOD. Enjoy best of Martial Arts game. Age of Wushu Dynasty Details storyline: The unexpected attack of the dark side of shawolins In the regions of Jianghu, as course a tremendous effect over destroying the people of Jianghu [as the shawolins of death rip off the heads of children, father/mother in the town of Jianghu, people running for dear life, screaming/yelling for help]. The seven schools of Martial Arts must join hand together to face the situation boldly. Out of the seven best schools of Martial Arts in Jianghu; Jianghu needs the best of the best whom is brave enough to rise above the rest to lead all others through the chaos and restore peace in Jianghu. Find out more of Age of Wushu Dynast as you download ‘Age of Wushu Dynasty’ to  embody that character which will defeat the Shawolins of Death and put the people of Jianghu off their miseries. 

Game features:-
•    Irreproachable visuals.
•    Authentic realistic Martial Arts.
•    Explore in Ancient Chine Quest.
•    Revolutionary Combat.
•    PvP mode gameplay.
•    Seven Martial arts schools.

Download APK(61.2MB)

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