Dead Warfare: Zombie v1.2.13 APK MOD Android Download.

Dead Warfare: Zombie is a FPS game authored by VNG Game Studios. Game has been played by people from all works of life –trying to have a view of what it would be like, if it were to be a Zombie vs Human world, full of smoke and confusion.

Where you barely tell friends from foes, to see who is winning or losing, to foresee the enemy’s next move –everybody wants to save their own hide! Zombie apocalypse has work all over human world –below the belt.

It has been the common mistake of the early scientist, trying to sculpt something extraordinary in nature –trying to live an immortal live, playing God on genetic engineering. In the nick of time, the whole experience was a snafu! Transformed scientist to Zombie, other run for dare life –they all left the antidote behind.

Zombies have now spread out to cities, and countries all around the world. MPS-16 a group of well-trained soldier climbed high above the fray of a Mountaintop, where everything becomes clearer and more in focus.

They can see beyond the battle and have located the cradle of the snag –they now know the movements of reserves, to the enemy camp to get the antidote and save the other scientist. This is just the beginning of the adventurous journey, where you have to survive by hook or by crook.

In Dead Warfare: Zombie APK MOD Zombies are exasperating, they barely dead even when hit critically. You have to find the exact way to kill them once and for all; a thrill to bits way.

It is not the maze city, ahead to trend that weigh you down; it’s the zombie in it. I know that behind every successful gamer in each lie a lot of unsuccessful fight in each stage. Dead Warfare: Zombie APK MOD is a gameplay to enter with total action with ally. The forces of a powerful ally can be useful and extremely good to fight against the enemies.

It gives room full well plan strategic action. You must see and feel the bustling zombies coming through to rip off you head, so you better start eliminating them when you see one, if not, they would probably do same to you.

In this gameplay the only way to advance your cause with the minimum way of effort and bloodbath is to have good weapon that kills extremely within the blink of an eye.

Such weapons could only be given to highly upgraded players and in order to have such upgrades, you need to make good combo kills and probably pick packs/ hidden things on in the long run of your mission.

In Dead Warfare: Zombie APK MOD you need a quick, decisive victory over the Zombies; you need to keep fighting and move as fast as possible to stop other zombie for a wild spread virus.

As you feel the total emptiness/ the void. The creep silence, isolation, and not non-engagement with other creepy things. As you see the helpless been bitten up by perilous zombies; the weak running helter shelter. Give your enemies no chance, target and attack fiercely, be dangerous but keep your distance. Damage and critically kill all of them.

Game Features:-

  • FPS game.
  • Masssive military arsenal.
  • Customize weapons.
  • Epic effect.
  • PvP mode.
  • Advance battle locations.
  • Saving other lone survivors.

What’s New?

  • Current updated version 1.2.34
  • Additional Unique skills.
  • Boost mode.
  • Buy cash in shop with gold.
  • Added upgraded new arsenals.
  • Model of some characters had been changed.

Extra info.

Required Android: 4.0.3 and above.

Current version: 1.2.14

Updated on:24th March, 2017.

Offered by: VNG Game studios.

Download XAPK(284.3MB)

Download APK(15.4MB)

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