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The game “Dead Rivals Zombie MMO APK MOD” has lots of gamers/fans pressed on for its current release and good a thing the game is finally out on Android again but this time with newer and upgraded things that captures the gamer’s interest within a fleeting glimpse of the gameplay or even sure to say, its trailer.

Dead Rivals Zombie MMO APK MOD is still in beta stage and unreleased in the play store. I know many a gamers barely thought of playing any game still on the beta stage and unreleased, because they still have the psyche that it’s not a professional gameplay and they missed the fun of many games still on the beta stage and unreleased side in the play store.

Currently the gameplay is only available for Philippines users, and if you’re right there you can freely get your way down to the play store and download the Dead Rivals Zombie MMO APK MOD or for simple and faster downloads you can have it here on

Dead Rivals Zombie MMO APK MOD is a fast paced action zombie shooter MMORPG gameplay, good a thing it’s an open world game with walking dead roaming around the city. The previous game I posted today quasi-themed and action in style with that of Dead Rivals Zombie MMO APK MOD. Have you ever try playing Last Day on Earth Survival? Now that’s the gameplay I’m talking about.

They’re all opened World gameplay but from different developers and publishers. In both games you shall advance in a vast open world of the Zombies apocalypse and the un-killed, and it’s a shooter and strategic gameplay. Gamers need to complete certain quests in an open world and make new friends in their servers. How interesting!

Gamers should be aware that there are few servers available because it’s still in beta stage. But more servers will definitely be added on to game as it arrives officially in all other countries around the globe. The gameplay is pretty understandable, you have been shown how to play and move into actions with the few buttons that will be displayed on the screen clearly.

Without further ado, Dead Rivals Zombie MMO APK MOD is a brutal gameplay with absolute blood-thirsty zombies all around for a simple mission ‘taking over the city and transforming normal humans to zombies.’ You have heavy arsenals within your grasp for fast and easier elimination. It’s a free open world gameplay so it’s definitely a crafty one which you will have to strategies to survive.

It’s a survival Crafty one where gamers needed to improve strategies and their survival-crafting skills in other to survive and create dangerous weapons and allies against the walking dead. It’s an aim and shooting massively or pull a dead trigger gameplay. There’s no comfort zone in this open world survival game.

Gamers are free to raid other players or could go on the PVP arenas MODE and get it done. JOIN A CLAN for easier survival least you got helping hands, in helping you eliminate anything that comes face to face, so you’re free to joining of clans and gunship zombies as it were in Last Day on Earth Survival.

Dead Rivals Zombies MMO APK is an online play so gamers cannot have any unlimited money MOD HACK here, but you can MOD APK for unlimited Ammo and GOD MODE, soon enough.

Activities Featured in Dead Rivals Zombie MMO APK MOD:-

  • Breath-taking mature graphic views.
  • Zombie post-Apocalyptic Open World Adventurous survival gameplay.
  • Hordes of Zombies to eliminate with many more stages and city ahead.
  • Raid other players’
  • Upgrade and survive through the open Word.
  • There are vast list of customization and weapons of choice.
  • Extremely crafty/awesome MMORPG quest system.

Caution! Check out on how to download and play without error, you know it’s only an available game in Philippines. Real Installment of Dead Rivals Zombies MMO rarely gotten from any Android gaming site:-

You need to first have a simple download of the as you often download other games. Secondly you need to open the game and then download the data files. After this you can now wait before starting the game and probably you will need to download E-VPN from the play store. You need select Philippines in the server list and start VPN and that is that.

Enjoy the play to the fullest!


Genre: Adventure.

Offered by: GameLoft.

Mode: Online.

System requirements :  4.0 and above.

Current Version: 0.2.7

Category: Adventure.



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