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Cover Fire MOD APK Android Download VIP v1.8.14 is a breath-taking  action pastime with achingly good graphics compare to other Offline shooting games for Free. driven a hard gameplay full of actions, baptism of bullets/fire; critical encounter with other operational enemy armies that have their own hidden evil agenda. Eliminate the Bird of ill-omen in every mission.
Manage the weapons you have gotten within your disposal, and start the career mode, in the long run better tools will come. 

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The gameplay is an addictive action pack; limitless actions that always keep you on suspends, game is just fierce in nature. Gamer have variety of weapons within their grasp and you can equally  lead your armies to war against terrorist through maze cities, inhospitable deserts& lands taken by Guerrillas as you advance in tragic battles, full of blood bath/action and violence.

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You are disposed to using military assaults of rifles/sniper, night visions, crazy bullet-proof vest, and many other arms/gadgets to help you in conquering of The Guerrilla.Cover Fire  mobile phone games as an action, it is cover based on a third person shooter. If you have actually played contract killer Sniper, then it will be more understandable for you to strive into the survivor mode when critically hit.

New Feature on Board:-

  • Minor bugs and improvements.

The pastime is apt to be Contract killer Sniper in actions and brutality, but still differs from it in various ways.  Cover Fire MOD APK mobile phone games v1.8.14 just arrived for about couple of hours ago and it’s reached so many countries and more hours spent cogitating more and more downloads from other gamer & fans will be made so make a good choice of downloading.

Get this pastime full of blood and guts struggle ‘Cover Fire MOD APK android download’ from Only the game’s name been mention, it’s already given you info in a nutshell about the gameplay itself.

It’s a pastime based on taking cover behind walls and killing enemies when you haven’t moved using the joysticks, though you can crouch, roll from cover to cover. What really made this mobile phone games an outstanding one will be seen after viewing the screen shots below. 

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What really made this pastime an outstanding one is that, it’s so many intriguing features that captures the gamer’s interest. There are achingly high fierce TPS Battle and In this TPS battles gamer will be put to test with enemies that seem to wear bullet-proof.

This bullet-proof is not as though they wore it, but rather they are very hard to kill. In this TPS fierce battle, the enemy’s hits are very critical and can course player’s death if enemies hit continuously.

This mode has different adventurous/action mission over 20+ to be accomplished. Another intriguing feature is ‘unique gameplay’. It has been made pretty easier to control.

The joystick has been clearly displayed on the screen and it’s very easy to understand the buttons of actions, reload, crouch, roll and what not. Gorgeous graphics is another one. The graphics are extremely breath-taking, and it looks so much alive. Gamers have been granted varieties of heavy weapons to choose from.

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The gameplay featured military weapons like: Patriot PAC-3, XM25 Counter Defilade Target Engagement system, Avenger Weapon System, FGM-148 Javelin, M252 Mortar, M224 60mm Mortar, Beretta M9 Pistol, M4 Carbine and more and more military weapons used by enemies and also available in the weapon store. Cover Fire MOD APK Android Download VIP 1.8.14 has a detailed Maps and graphics.

Gamers will see a vast map full of different locations they are to go start mission over. There are huge boss battles to be tackles. The pastime is a little bit different form the rest, and when the giant boss arrives, games must plan/strategies properly to be able to strike them at their weaknesses. I rarely see this in any cover shooter gameplays.

Now there are huge rewards for each level you accomplished. Free gifts and general upgrades are made when the mission is been accomplished properly. There are so many exciting stages and levels to complete.

The MOD APK Android download VIP which is a free download declare total war with you, the gamer. Eliminate any living shit that stands in your path pointing a weapon at you. Enemies will react against you in fierce ways. Gamers of the game should never be naive: with some enemies there can be no compromise, no middle ground. You must keep pulling that trigger of yours if you ought to survive in this game.

It is a kill or be killed Third person action game, where you have to take the bull by the horn. You must identify your hidden enemies quickly before they do same to you. You must disguise your targets from your aids. Cover Fire features lot of crazy pattern attack in each stage.

You must stand the best of trial before you could be given an upgrade card –the greatest danger occurs at the moment of victory. Spot your enemies/rivals by the signs and patterns the show –always remember that tactic. In this game you need to focus on your enemies strictly.

Enemies are going to come through with the aim of not letting you achieve your mission whether subtly or obviously. Everything depends on the frame of your actions; how you shoot/ eliminate obstacles in a fast pace, critical aimed point to gain combos for shooter upgrades, and many more coming your way as you guess it down the download click.

You should always remember this logic “He that is not with you is against you”. Enemies will come in a subtle way, trying to push you off course, to infect you with vagueness that inflicts them. There are Unlimited Money/ VIP right inside the MOD APK

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Game info.

Genre: Action.

Offered by: Genera Games.

Mode: Online.

System requirements : 4.1 and above.

Current Version: v1.8.14

Category: Action.

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