Chargest: World’s Most Advanced Traveller Adapter.

Chargest was sculpted from the brilliant questioning of the co-founder and Business Development guy of chargest.  He frequents abroad often, on business and pleasure trips, and about that he brings lot of gadgets with him, including phone, laptop and whatnot.

In the long run, it was one of these trips abroad he started asking himself couple of questions that “what if I could charge all these gadgets with just one device –source and also never bother about the outlet standards around the world? These few questions asked by George, was what lead to the ideas of Chargest –was created.

Also Hristo, the co-founder and Technical adviser said something truly unique about Chargest, he said: “Chargest was achingl designed and engineered with the typical usage in mind –for the traveler, the business person, the student, and for sure the family. It was actually created for the making of easier usage and to solve the everyday stress and loads of our users”.

Other amazing thing about Chargest is that, it really fits in your pocket. Chargest combines an amazing functionality with sleek, designed in a modernize way seized is about 3.15 X 3.15 X 1.57 ( 8cm X 8cm X 4cm) product small.

It terms of weight, you need not bother about that aspect, because Chargest is designed with high quality polished with plastic –weighs 0.29 pounds (130g). This makes Chargest enjoyable and easy to go out with; it is perfectly designed for travellers and it always beyond all dispute, looks great in your room. Chargest have three USB ports for any other devices –it share 2A of absolute power.

For is single output it charges about 5V/2A fast, and for the record when more than one USB ports are connected, the power never exceed 2A –how cool!

Location of USB port:

–One of the USB is actually located on the left side –
–One of the USB is located at the right side –
–One of the USB is located at the bottom side of the Chargest –
The pin connector uses the 2A charging power for parallel to the USB ports for comfortable charging experience.

At Chargest the creators took safety very seriously. They took all the necessary precautions to ensure that Chargest never damages you or your devices –it was built using the components available that are flawless and it really last for years.

Another compelling things about Chargest is ‘Charges-tBank’ which was created with the total capacity and compact design that enables you to remain always in charge and flexible whenever you are on the go and needed some extra battery impowerment.

Watch video below:


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