Battle Ages MOD APK Unlimited Currencies 1.9.

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Battle Ages MOD APK has not much gaming details to say, but it’s absolutely addictive. The gameplay is in somewhat a cartoon one and for the records it’s an online city building game where you have to advance through history and conquer enemies with amazing combating strategies.

Battle Ages MOD APK is a progressive game where you have a civilization to nurture, and lead it through thousands of years of advancement and discovery of baptism of fire invention of the telegraph in an intriguing PVP combating MODE of epic proportions. The PVP is one of the best actions MODE in the game, it’s a testing of limits and resources of battle strength and you have to do this with other players.

As it were in those ancient days of battles, gamers must make good use of certain combating battle plans to enable them conquer other territory and rise above others. Build cutting edge industry, build and create such upgraded defenses for a hard critical break through and make it extremely difficult for enemies to invade.

As the gameplay is all about battles upon battles, needless to say, all is fair in love and war in the sense that gamers of this game must employ great scientific minds of the era to research and sculpt fierce destructive weapons of each distinct age.

Train and recruit your soldiers, send your armies of choice out to lay waste to nearby settlement and for the most part steal their treasures. It’s your duty to defense, troops and lead your armies to attack other players in the campaign MODE.

In Battle Age MOD APK, each campaign level has been designed in a total different way and rewards differ from as well. I really love this game, there are two builders only available at the go-get of the gameplay, so you need to upgrade and make do with them as wisely as possible but gamers can equally purchase more and more builders if it’s suits you right by making use of gems to purchasing them.

In Battle Age MOD APK it has been made in such a way that each upgrade you make requires a bit of time as well as, a builder to work on. Gamers could spend gems on any specific kinds of upgrade and can equally speed to time upgrade faster.

The game is an online one, but gamers cannot get currencies; are not server sided. It’s a cartoon battling gameplay but the graphic is achingly breath-taking. You can feel and see as your player stretches he sword for a critical hit elimination of his opponent with amazing reflexes.

The graphics are pretty good but not that advance like other graphical typing games like: Sniper Fury, Contract Killer, Modern Combat and what not. The game is addictive and totally it blows your socks off at certain different stages it takes you aback with new enemy’s attacks and defenses.

Note: Different troops with different work can be used in the battle field. Join and advance through time to fight the most powerful leader in history! In the MOD APK what you’ll be having is free purchase.


Key features of Battle Ages MOD APK:-

  • Compete against thousands of other players for domination on a global scale.
  • Carry out intensive researches for founding a means to sculpt powerful weapons to aid your battles with enemies.
  • Join forces with friends online to take down other groups in the epic battling MODE.
  • There are 22 units, 11 different traps and 50+ amazing buildings to construct to your taste.
  • You can Save game and play across devices by linking up to any social media account.
  • Neolithic Barbarians fight Medieval Knights and Roman Legionnaires standing off against Union soldiers are all featured here in this game.
  • Advance through 6 distinct, exciting, and authentic ages in time.
  • Lead your soldiers to a civil war.

Game info.

Genre: Adventure.

Offered by: 505 Games Srl

Mode: Online.

System requirements :  v4.0 and above.

Current Version: 1.9

Category: Adventure.



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