APK Games Blog Interview with Mr. Gomez –a Popular Blogger.

Remax: “ Hi Mr. Gomez, well I guess of one universe, 9 planets, 204 countries, 809 islands, 7 Seas and AndroidRemax.com actually got the privilege to run an interview with you Mr. Gomez –it’s such a great honor having you on board welcome to my blog.

Gomez: “Thanks Mr. Remmy. It’s my pleasure to be here.

Remax: “ Well today we’re going to be discussing this, that, and the other about games & gadgets I actually came to you cause I’ve beyond all dispute, saw couple of your posts all over Facebook, tweeter and Google. Mr. Gomez no offense but I really do love the way you handle your beliefs and ideas; your blog reminds me of a magnet, because your content are sure attracting me to keep reading. You’ve actually driven a hard one all over the net Mr. Gomez with sure concrete information and mesmerizing pattern of writing your blog. Well without further-ado I would love you take 4mins to tell my audience about yourself as a blogger in as much detail as possible and once again you’re highly welcome to Androidremax.com blog interview.”

Gomez: well, I wanna use the opportunity to congratulate androidremax.com for been one of the most contented upcoming gaming blog and it so big of you having me here. Thanks. Without waiting much of the time; I’m a blogger, I have a gaming blog and it’s all about android games only. I started as a blogger with little or no experience about blogging, but in the long run, I supposed I just had the bit between my teeth. Being a success for blogger is absolutely a dream come through. Success; if you can’t handle stress you can’t handle success.” 

Remax:  “Thanks, you’re welcome ones more.”

Remax: “So Mr. Gomez many people are actually having the misunderstanding of these gaming Terms, Could you briefly tell our audience the Full mean of the following: RPG, MOD /APK & XAPK, 0BB+ DATE FILE? Because these are the commonly use words for about 90% of gaming blog.”

Gomez: “Well there is nothing much in those terms. RPG STANDS For Role Playing Game. MOD is used to specify a game with cheat mode enabled in it, so to allow the players play the game without purchasing in app items like bullets, energy etc. On the other hand APK simply means Android PacKage which is the file extension for android apps and games. while OBB is Opaque Banary Blob which is the file extension of every android game DATA file. OBB + DATA FILE is just a way to make my site visitors know that this game has an additional data file cause there is something special with games that has a data file.”

Remax: “Okay I guess you’ve just said it all. Just out of curiosity what made you so passionate about playing games & actually setting a hug gaming blog?”

Gomez: “Game is fun and it’s educative on its own way. Setting up a huge gaming blog is just a way to earn more money for myself and for sure having it with what I’m passionate for.”

Remax:  “Your Gaming blog is so amazing my brains are actually changing structures just to process it. I knew your blog arrangement were prettily arranged, but I didn’t know you were so deep in writing/sculpting something of an extra-ordinary content that really captures the audience’s attention and drive a deep arrow to their subconscious mind. I’ve really review your blog currently, you seem to be burning your candles at both ends, cause like seriously your gaming Blog is all over the air right now… I need you to tell us “how one could be successful with one’s blog?”

Gomez: “ hmmmm! For many a blogger thinks it’s all about just posting and kept on posting. The key my friend, is ‘quality and not actually quantity’ Post Quality games/contents and always try to be first to post them. And don’t forget to spy on your competitors, find what the visitors want that they lack and use that against them. Might be hard to find but constant visiting to their blogs will help you achieve that.”

Remax: “hmmm! Quality not quantity”

Gomez: “Yeah!”

Remax: “You’re a researcher right? Of course everyone does research for one thing or the other about life. But as a researcher what do you really value most in a blog/site?”

Gomez: “Neatness, logo and load time and lastly quality content.”

Remax: “What is the greatest accomplishment of your blog?”

Gomez: “So many but the most amazing one was my dream of 20k daily page views came to past –that was a hell of a number. I felt really accomplished”

Remax:  “That must be a dream come through.”

Remax: “What is your most treasured memory as a blogger?

Gomez: “Getting my first online payment from my blog.”

Remax: “Ok could you simple tell by mentioning most gaming blog you visit often? And why”
Gomez: “I only visit three often and they’re:  apkvile.us cause it’s always updated, andropalace.org cause of its quality games, and I often visit your blog as well cause of its concrete info.”

Remax: “Ok this is one the most important questions on by list, because everyone needs money “could mobile games make money?”

Gomez: “Why not? Through in app purchase, though the developers are in the right sense to answer that. I’m still yet to be one.” 

Remax:  “Alternate sharing something you consider a positive effect that made your gaming blog so that outstanding.”

Gomez: “Emmm… Let me say research. Yea… research. I did a lot of it when i setup that blog newly. 2ndly, applying what i got from the result of spying my competitors.”

Remax: “well, I really don’t know how you juggle all the questions I’ve asked you, and how you answer that you did with such ease –you must be a hell of a blogger. Well thanks ones more, I supposed our viewers here now have some certain info. About games and gaming blog… Thanks for visiting and we’re looking forward to seeing more of your comments.”


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