Oreo Android: Best of Tips and Tricks

Every Android smartphone has a version and every new Android version introduces many innovations. Quite a number of that often stays subtle. In our article today on “Oreo Android“, we’re given our visitors the ample opportunities to know some of those tricks and tips. For  smartphones updated to Android 8.0 Oreo, it’s better if updated to Android 8.1 Oreo.

Oreo Android tips & tricks

1. Delay notifications:-

Has it ever dawned on you, that with Oreo Android you can postpone notifications? Or even Delay notifications?

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What does that imply?

It actually means that if a notification has being driving you round the bend you can momentarily delete it. You can make it appear at any given time convenient for you. Oreo Android is absolutely a useful tool for you, don’t you think?

Without further ado, if you want to put-off a notification with Oreo Android:-

  • With a simple swipe on the notification to the side but not completely –about half way –should do. After that there’ll come this little clock –just within seconds of siding and holding. If tapped, you’ll be able to make a specific time to review the message.

Oreo Android

2. Disable Notification Dots With Oreo Android

A question most people have in mind is “What are notification Dots?” these are colored dots which can be seen on the icons of your apps. Mostly seen whenever the users receive notifications.

Those dots are cues of incoming notification from that specific application. You have the choice to access directly from the notification space or to hold down the icon.

For those users who find these stickers quite annoying at times, here’s how to disable these stickers:-

  • Simply press & hold an empty spot on your home screen.
  • Click on home settings.
  • You’d have to click on select the item notification indicators.
  • You’d see Allow notification dot now that deactivate it.

Oreo Android

Permanent notifications of app behavior
“App X shown higher than different apps” and “App Y has intense consumption of battery within the background”

This means is quite the most helpful as well as the most despised functions of Oreo Android. Once an application displays up overlay content, it can be quite tiresome. We often see messenger displayed over other apps.

To keep and protect batter power from any form of damage, there’s a help warning about applications from Google. This indicate the consumption of power in the background. Like: Warning! What’s app is consuming battery in the background.

Many apps are fund of consuming power such as, Messenger, Chat Head & Spotify. But if these apps aren’t helpful, yet consume much battery power, you get rid of them.

Solution to this snag!

  • Migrate settings [click to open]
  • Click on>>> Apps & Notifications.
  • Tap on show all apps.
  • At the options located at the top right hand side [the three dots] click on show system.
  • On the list, find Android system and click on it.
  • After that would’ve to enter the heading App notifications.
  • There’re lots of options that can be flipped on and off, but for apps like Spotify, there’s an indicated switch to hide the notifications.
  • While for apps that consume much battery power, users can only hide warning & show them.
  • To impede these apps from consuming lots of battery power:-
  • Find your way through the list to app item that consumes the battery and disable it.

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3. Free up space with just a few taps With Oreo Android.

Oreo Android also permits you to create more space up for internal memory. Let’s show how-to with these few steps of ours. But first you have to note that, this is only available on smartphones with Android stock like:-

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.

Huawei P20 Pro.

Samsung Galaxy S9.

LG G7 ThinQ.

Google Pixel 2 XL.

Huawei Mate 10

OnePlus 6.

The manufacturers of these impeccable phones came up with their own cleaning systems for its memory.

Few steps might differ from the other phones’. Also Oreo Android gives you the opportunity to check the apps and contents occupying your Memory through categories.

Free up space

Settings>storage space>select category. If done, you can now see the apps related to the category & other files with their size. Your choice to get rid of those cancerous apps eating up space.

Oreo Android

At the top of the list there’s a Free-space button. If tapped, a list of deletable items to free up space will appear.

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Do you know other useful tricks with Oreo Android excluding these once provided by Androidremax.com? Feel free to voice them in your comments!


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