10 Weekly Fun games currently in soft launch on iOS and Android You Must Play!


Androidremax has given lovers of android games and iOS games to ample opportunities to see such an abundance of gorgeous games been released per week. This pocket games are achingly breath-taking, addictive and for the most part gorgeous so as you scroll down the lists of games below showed by soft launched gamers remember to comment and share what you think with other gamers.


10. Armed Heist

Armed Heist is an addictive third-person cover-based shooter gamplay, and as the game goes “Armed Heist” it’s centered around robbery and baptism of fire –it tasks you with becoming the best gosh darned armed robber around the city walls, states and country around the globe.

Armed Heist trailer has just arrived! But at the get go of this game, it didn’t have a trailer that was ready for the fans/lovers of the game, but you can see animate gifs, short videos showing some in-gameplay footage of Armed Heist that shows something intriguing about this game.

Now Sozap has prepared an outstanding official public trailer of Armed Heist for fans/lovers of this game.

Also, the new trailer of Armed Heist has soft-launched in the Swedish App Store, and they’re also looking forward to expanding the soft launch to the Philippines next week. Trust me when I say “I have the current version installed on my iPhone” and Armed Heist has really improved!

Armed Heist is a free gameplay, and gamer absolutely focus on their progression on leveling up their specific character of choice which in the long run leads to unlocking and customizing a variety of arsenals and gear.

The game uses standard timed loot box system for acquiring new unique items, with more equipment added to the overall pool; there is more than just leveling up your desired character.

You can customize your weapon to your taste, but it’s quite extensive, and once you’ve unlocked some new stuffs, it’s much more of a fun to go through and test by pulling, dragging out a specific weapon to give it the type of performance that will suit your gaming style. Armed Heist’s weapons are sick!

The game has two currencies used in-gaming, which are: Diamonds and Cash. Cash are used for purchasing weapon and equipment upgrades while Diamonds allow you to open the timed chests. Gamers can buy more of IAP to speed up the process, but note that currencies are earned through play and for the records the game is an offline game.


9. Age of Magic

Advance into the fantasy world of absolute magic and power! Age of magic is a turn-based RPG with variety of collection and upgradable heroes, where you have to join force with great team to defeat the forces of darkness and attack opponents in the arena.

The gameplay is a groundbreaking 3D RPG forge in the marvelous spirit world, with combining intense PVE, PVP battles, Guild Bosses challenges and more. Pack of magician will do whatever it takes to bring back victory!

The gameplay has dazzling visuals of 3D graphics and special effects. It also has High-prcision characters and multidimensional animations that make combating extremely breath-taking.

Game enables Role play including hundreds more of heroes within your grasps with unique powers and skill. Also you’re free to collect as many monsters as you can to join forces together.

Age of Magic have the following Ingrained Gameplay:

  • There are lots of Epic Boss to be encountered; challenge your skills, might and intelligence to the fullest level.
  • Defend your Honor; Guild in heroic Guild wars.
  • Brutal real-time CO-op and PVP battle means the war never stops.
  • Funny enough you can make friends and enemies: Join powerful guilds, climb your way to the leadership board and lead your full allies to battles.
  • Assert your dominance in local and cross-server arena wars with you allies and team, real-time battle with other users around the globe.

Defeat the wrathful guild bosses!


 8. Assassin’s Creed Rebellion

Assassins Creed Rebellion MOD APK has intriguing characters featured as it were in the movie, but in a style quasi-cartoon. It’s packed up with legendary assassins like: Shao Jun, Ezio Auditore, Aguilar and what not. There are other interesting characters with unassailable plays from the previous console or that of PC AC games.

In Assassin’s Creed Rebellion MOD APK there are game currencies such as Helix Credits and woods that arr mostly used to unlock new heroes and other intriguing items but gamers can’t have Assassins Creed Rebellion for Unlimited Money, not one bit. Although the game is catchy.

There are various collections of Legendary infamous Assassins within you reach. This gameplay as amazing peculiar action styles, the game is a blood and guts, extremely blood and pretty addictive. There are tons of quests to be complete. There are fierce missions coming your way to meet other dangerous assassins. You can upgrade your heroes to increase stats and build your brotherhood and take down others.

In this gameplay you can create, evolve and customize your assassin to your desired taste. Customize your unique assassins with loot, ourfits and amazing weapons like epic swords and the iconic hidden blade.  You have the power to make your assassin Evolve from novice to master.

Also you have tons of epic missions within your grasp and possibilities. Enjoy gameplay with simple tap-to-move, gamepad, and dual virtual stick controls. Advance an infinity of Quests, unlock new missions/locations and hundreds of unique items.

Experience the freedom of movement where you can climb so fast, jump so silently and run without notice; feel the thrill of the leap of fate right on your mobile.

**ASSASSIN’S CREED** is one of the most unassailable popular franchise of all time. It’s success has been built and raise from a solid years of famous titles such as Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, Assassin’s Creed Unity and many more. The game is now available in: French, Italian, German, Russian, Brazilian, Korean, Japanese, English, and Spanish.


7. Asphalt 9: Legends

In Asphalt 9: Legend you have the opportunity to race with desired car in some of the fierce, most high-performance dream machines ever sculpted from cars to bikes and take them on a global scale of speed. Free/handle the wheels, be the man behind the wheels as you race from the blazing Nevada Desert to the tight turn of Tokyo.

There are more challenges in Asphalt 9: Legend than any other racing game ever created by EA sport. You’ll find excitement and arcade fun on your road to the leadership board.

In Asphalt 9: Legend been among the 10 fun game soft lunched in android and iOS you have real luxury dream cars/ Motorcycles within your grasp.

  • You have tons of bikes to drive/push beyond their limits.
  • Free customize and upgradable rides with over 2,300 decals to win opponents.
  • Records are allowed! There are recorded high-fidelity vehicle sounds for realistic audio immersion.
  • Asphalt 9 features top licensed manufacturers/models like: Koenigsegg agera R, Bugatti Veyron Super sport, 9ff GT9-R, SSC Ultimate Aero, Koenigsegg CCR, Mclaren F1, Zenvo ST1, Pagani Huayra, Aston Martin One-77 etc.

Did you know that Asphalt 9; Legend quasi-Asphalt 8 in style and in features? But many a people has a preference of 9 or 8 because Asphalt 9 have many features and it is more advance than 8 is. Asphalt 9 features AIRBORNE! Where you can leap to hit the ramps; you can take this race beyond just the limits of physics.

Make crazy stunts of absolute breaking free from gravity into the sky with your wheel. You can perform barrel rolls and wild 360 fly past your opponents. Just like the 8, you have the ability to maneuver through the air with maximum speed.

You Now Have More Exotic New Locations:

  • Over 40+ high-speed tracks in 17 different settings, such as: Nevada Desert, Iceland, French Guiana, Venice and more sick locations to ride your desired wheels across.
  • There are plenty of shortcuts hidden throughout your drives at different location and for the records mastering those cuts is a sure means of raising your game to the top of the tournament.

The original mod is pack with racing of any kind and its mirror variation ensure newer challenges coming your way.


6. Durango

Durango Wild Land is a pure nature of adventure play developed by NEXON Company. Well it’s quite a hell of a game but it’s a closed Beta test that is available now.

If you join the world of absolute adventure now in advance to experience a massive sandbox open-world exposure you’ll be disposed to crafting, building, battling and more other sweet sound of a survival life-style.

The pastime is not just adventurous but also an epic one altogether; it’s survivor of the fittest, only the strongest survives –it’s a survival based MMOEPG pastime.

Durango Wild Land turned out to be the best played open-world survival gameplay ever in 2017. I played this game pretty much just to blow my sucks off, and trust me when I say “You have to be playing right now” if you’re not; then you’re missing. The game surpasses every other survival series on Android/ iOS.

As an open world-gameplay, gamers are free to roam and choose your own desired life-style over this play. Feel free to explore in the jungle of death! It sounds a bit native but there are well meshing exploration and city structure experiences.

Durango is all with real-time collaborative of head-to-head battles against gigantic dinosaurs and other blood thirsty beast coming your path. You better be ready!


It’s a game well-designed that features;

  • You settling down in tamed and civilized islands. Where you gather, craft, find stuffs, cook, farm, build, trade and hunt to manage your domain and assets properly.
  • Learn what it takes to be a survivor; where you have to push harder when things are so damn hard; learn to push your body beyond your limits –grasp at high mental strength.
  • You can explore unstable Islands filled with valuable resources, and hidden secrets accompanying by tamable dinosaurs.
  • Feel free to rapport, work hand-in-hand with other clan and expand a village. Join forces to take down great dinosaurs in Raid islands.
  • Engage in strict PVP and Clans epic battles.
  • Have the opportunity to discover unlimited number of Islands with many beautiful environments and more elaborated contents. Get exposed!
  • Your time to conquer savage Islands and gather lots of valuable items and battle enemy clans for control over your expanding villages.

From the get-go, gamers have to select their desire character and all the selection are channeled to the train. Then after the selection, the game kicks-off!

Welcome to the Must-Survivor, to survive, you must source for not only modern but local resources around you. TO play to the fullest you must embrace your inner pioneer to explore, hard-to-give-up, cultivate and evolve the vast and fierce wilderness of Durango by sculpting your own path to interact with the virtual world of epic and other players available

You will have to complete some few quests and after that a giant T-Rex comes in and kills everyone on the train before you’ll be thrown into the game with other survivors and villagers.


5. The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land APK

Image result for The Walking Dead No Man's Land APK

The walking Dead: No Man’s Land as the name goes is an awesome zombie apocalypse pastime where you have to play with Daryl, Michonne, Rick and many other thrilling characters of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

The pastime is a thrilling action-packed RPG where every move you make is between life and death. It’s a war where all is fair, you must struggle to survive either by hook or by crook –all means is a way! Only the brave heart will survive in this one so make strict positive but yet strategic plans.

When you’re able to complete the Episode 1 for free Daryl tokens you’ll be able to unlock the first Hero of your team. There are many other sick characters to look out for with special and incredible abilities and valuable leader traits.

Just as the movie, you can bring Michonne in close-quarter combat for domination or you can also send Rick to dispatch the walks from a distance view. If you’re not in for that, you can also choose Daryl’s crossbow to snipe from afar or even mow the herd down with Abraham’s rifle.

Key features:-

  • Feel free to collect and upgrade your desired characters from AMC’s The Walking Dead.
  • You can join other incredible players in deadly weekly PvP and other awesome challenges pack with blood and guts combat for exclusive rewards.
  • Free to Hunt walkers as you want in different fierce location.
  • Choose your team wisely and equipment them for each mission.
  • Advance and fight through hordes of walkers in tactical turn-based combat with terrific reactions.

Gamers of the AMC’s The walking Dead APK/iOS should know that each aspect of survival has been sculpted from the series’ official mobile game –no man’s Land.

The gameplay is breath-taking throw in some pretty swish graphics with lovely animation and blood and guts!

Official Game Trailer


4. PUBG Mobile


Official PUBG on Mobile!

Wow! Were on the hit part of the article where we have to bring to you all the most compelling games of all time. PLAYEREUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is one of the most intriguing gameplay on android/iOS. It’s the original battle Royale game which is now available so grasp at this opportunity.

In PUBG  you have 100 players parachute onto a remote 8m8 km island and players have to locate and scavenge their own weapons, supplies, vehicles and eliminate every player in a graphically and tactically high quality battleground that compelling players to shudder while they advance into a shrinking play zone.

Are you ready for some real shit? Yeah! Get your ass ready to loot, land and do whatever it takes to survive in a fierce environment and fight your way through to be the last man standing.

There are crazy realistic assaults packed in the pastime! You have some real time mind-blowing weapons coming your way like; lethal arsenal of firearms, throwable ballistics trajectories that travel really fast that gives you the option to shoot, incinerate your adversaries or beat down.

The graphical aspect of PUBG is Gold! It has high-quality graphics and HD Audio. Feel the powerful unreal Engine 4 that creates a jaw-dropping visual experience with high quality details to look out for, accompanying with realistic gameplay effect and massive amount of HD map for Battle Royale –vast map!

Trust me, you’ll feel you’re in the thick of the action as you play with immersive 3d sound effect, highly audio quality and 7.1 channel surround sound.

Travel, Team & Environment Features:-

  • There are varieties of vehicles including trucks, cars, motorcycle within your reach.
  • Race them to the play zone, boats to hunt down your foes and even make a swift escape.
  • You can team up with friends to survive the battle. Invite and team up. You can co-ordinate your battle plan through voice hat and set up an ambush with friends to take out enemies.
  • There are powerful anti-cheat mechanisms that ensure a fun and fair environments for gamers and I know you’re in.

It’s not just a game but this is Battle Royale.

Official Game Trailer





Rules of Survival!

Welcome to the brand new Rules of Battle Royale where the death-match has been raised to a compelling epic scale, check it out yourself. This is the game that has had over 100 million people worldwide playing as we speak. The gameplay is an addictive one!

There’s now a fully upgraded new 8×8 km map now on this new Battle Royale that allows 300 players to combat on a wide vast variety of terrains and the funniest thing is “only one has to survive” you might be that one today.

Grasp at this ample opportunity to join 100 million loyal fans of this gamplay.

Key features:-

  • Last Man Standing Mode: team mode in a 120 survivors’ fierce battle or solo.
  • Absolute fair play in a massive HD Vast Map to advance.
  • Wilde variety of accessories and firearms.
  • Crazy driver life; where you have to drive vehicles across different terrains –kind of a fast and furious-like.

Your sage zone is shrinking be that as it may, there is the comfort zone in this play. Collect scattered weapons, arm yourself and wield your tactics like no other survival.

Come embark on the world’s most unassailable battle Royale Now!

Official Game Trailer

2. NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball

Image result for NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball APK

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball is the world’s best basketball game ever!

For crazy basketball fans, this one is for you! Game can experience great fun at home; be your own superstar that the crowd loves and become a legendary player. Seriously dead-hard-fans no need play basketball under the sun; right indoor you can get same fun!

Terrific plays, connect, and compete with friends around the globe!

# Fill lineups #

– Two-way: Passing and Defense

–  Big-Man: Make breath-taking shots and Defense.

–   Defensive: Defense and Speed.

–  Shooting: 3 Pointer and shooting guard.

–  Small Ball: Speed up and Dribbling.

NBA allows you to use each player in a particular lineup as it’s been indicated by player card’s colored icon on the screen of your mobile. Secondly you must be looking forward to improving your lineup by meaning the squad.

Watch out for rivals!

  • Loot at for precious metals which indicate their levels: Gold, Silver and Bronze. For info. Gamers should tap on the sheets to know the breakdown of their areas of expertise and that includes shooting, passing, defense, dribbling and 3 pointers.
  • It’s a built team 5v5 action. You should be able to follow NBS’s live event.
  • Buy player cards: can use coins earned from gameplays or NBA Cash directly to buy player cards to enable you complete your roster. You can also buy elite player through means of live Event by using the “Auctions tab”. And for the most part, you can also win trophies and collectibles.

Official Game Trailer


1. The Sims™ Mobile

Image result for The Sims™ Mobile

The Sims™ Mobile is a great game that has 303,836 downloads worldwide but this number is quite not impressive because it’s a series of SIMs so be patient; with time there be many a downloader. As you know SIMS it’s a gameplay where you have to express your creativity just as the real world.

You have to customize you Sims’ distinct appearances and unique qualities and personalities; give your Sims traits that will suit your gameplay style.

Key Game Features: –

  • Create Unique SIMS: Free customization of appearances, outfits, hairstyles, makeup and accessories. Availability of endless possibilities. Set up an unforgettable wardrobe as you team up with Izzy Fabulous in the Fashion Shop.
  • Possible to choose traits for each sim, like Musical, Active, and add more to it as your sims get disposed to many things.
  • Build The Perfect Home: Design a home sweet home for you sims where they can experience life more and as you effortlessly personalize home layouts and designs; variety of sick furniture, themed collections, appliances, and decoration are within your grasp.
  • Feel free to live life here! As you take your Sims out to discover awesome places like; fashion studio, nightclub, shopping mall, restaurant e.t.c.
  • Shape Your Sims’ Lifestyle: Pick up an exciting careers like: Doctor or Fashion Designer and hobbies like cooking or playing basket-ball.

Play Together: Host and attend crazy parties with other sims you meet around the globe.

Official Game Trailer

I hope you find these games thrilling! Comment and share!


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